Friday, 14 September 2012

Last day as an engineer.

Hi peeps! So today, I am no longer an engineer, officially. Sad? Yes, but I choose this path.

I was actually ended my service with the company I worked with 2 days ago. But I was in rush to catch up the class on my last day, plus I couldn't hold my tears to think that I will soon to leave my several colleagues, and might also not be able to enter this company again, so I left early that day.

Thought there was no farewell party for me since we were all too busy. But they've been soooooo nice to me and guess what? They've all treated me lunch separately, straight for 3 days! I feel so blessed! hihii. 

On Monday, Ms Siew, Mr Low, Mr Hong, Tze Boon, Ah Sue and Ang Koon treated me lunch at Hainan Tea. Kak Ida, Kak Aisyah, Nurul, Kamal and Afiq then treated me lunch at Madam Lim on the next day. And on my final day, it was Uncle Frenky treated me Nando's together with Kak Honey. Rasa sangat disayangi! ;)

And today, boss invited me to join the company's Hari Raya openhouse. yikes!

Nurul is 7-month pregnant, Angkoon is.. forever! hhaha.
The lunch mates!
The HR people Kak Honey and Ms Oon.
Deary Kak Aisyah and Tze Boon, I couldn't stop laughing whenever he speaks Malay. Too cute hahaa.
The person who always there to listen to my nags and complaints. Kak Idaaaaaaaa.
The PPR engineers, Afiq, Encik Shukri the kindest person I've ever met, and Kamal.
With Nurul the drafter and Kak Aisyah.
Bong, boss' fav engineer, always looking good, and Ms Siew the loud but very kind accountant. hihii
Lim Iwan, boss' fav drafter, and Abang Jalil, I don't know how to describe him. Too funny I guess? hahaa
With 66 y-o Uncle Frenky, I fetched him up every morning and we went to the office together.
Ms Siew in her room. Pile of files and documents! The most important person in the company. No Ms Siew, no salary!
The drafters Nurul, Ehwan, Haziq and Rizal. Without them, no drawings produced!
My fav Kak Aisyah and pile of construction drawings to be issued. Good luck! ;)
Half of the staffs with the most selambe big boss Encik Musa.
My work station, the most favourite place among colleagues. The tidiest compared to theirs hihii.
And look, surprise prezzies from Kak Aisyah!

I've received lovely prezzies from the only female engineer left in the office, Kak Aisyah! Love the cute teddybear keychain! The recipe book is so unexpected, because there are stories behind it. hihi.. and and and.. T.O.P! homaigahhh. melting! Thank you Kak Aisyahhhh I love youuuu!

So that was the end of my 1 year, 2 months and 13 days working at PPR. PPR was my first company I worked with since I graduated. Although it was tough to cope with the working environment on the first 3 months, and somehow I felt like wanted to give up and quit, but everything changed.

I feel so grateful to be able to work and get involved with big projects, and played an important role as part of the team. I appreciate the opportunities have been given at PPR, and I've learned so many things related to the real world of engineering. I'm sorry that I have to leave the company, and I really regret leaving the colleagues. I don't know if I can get this friendly and nice environment in future.. I will miss all of you, definitely! sobs.

 P.s. Well, I think I might come back to the office to get some info for assignments. Hihii.

P.s.p.s 16x2 boxes of comot RV cupcakes I've brought for my colleagues, but one went missing! I wonder who is the real culprit.. hmm.

With love,

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