Wednesday, 12 September 2012

In Johor Bahru and Singapore.

Hello, society! I've been busy for couple of weeks since I've to settle up some projects and handle it as much as possible before pass it to the 'lucky' engineers to take over. Sorry, colleagues! hee.

Anyway, I had a great fun during Merdeka Day since we had a holiday and went to Johor (and Singapore) for 3 days! Well honestly, I think that was my first time visited Johor officially hihii.

We stayed at Pulai Springs Resort since it is pretty close to the place we were going to, plus it is accommodated with golf course, and that is the main reason why we were in JB!

And for us the ladies, our main agenda to Johor was definitely to shop at Johor Premium Outlet and guess what? we went there on the same day we arrived!

On the next day we entered Singapore for a day!
Orchard Road for window shopping.
The panoramic view of Marina Bay. love!
As soon as we arrived at the hotel around 9.30 p.m., I've got myself ready since I've made a plan to meet Ayie my friend in UiTM Shah Alam! He fetched up me at the hotel, lepak-ed until late at night, and acted like a tourist guard, he brought me touring the whole JB town yeayy!
Danga Bay!

But I heard that Nusajaya is kinda awesome place to capture nice photos, we should have stop there before we took off. Atleast I can see the real image some of the projects that our company involved with in Nusajaya. Again, work! Arrghh.

So on Sunday we went back to KL.. without going to Legoland since they haven't open it to public yet. bohoo!

 Anyway, these are what I've got for myself during these 3 days. I love the 'keepcalm' the most!

With love,

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