Saturday, 22 September 2012

Ideal interior for ideal home.

When I saw these photos, I thought 'I recognize this..' but no, it was just my imagination to have this simple, urban concept for Abang Nan's apartment in Segambut, KL. Segamat is the one in Johor, don't get confused. hihii He wants to sell the house to get a new property.. and I have this little crazy thought, to buy that house from him.

I mean like, we used to stay at that apartment for a few years before we've moved to Batu Caves. I love that apartment, we all do. The best thing is that, the balcony is facing Kuala Lumpur! Can you imagine reading classical romance novel while sipping hot coffee under the night sky with the view of KLCC and KL Tower? Ouhhhhhhh.. I can! bab berangan serahkan je lalalaa.


Arghhhhhhh I want that apartment! Brother, can you give me some time, wait until I finish my Masters degree and get handsome payment, I'll buy it from you, please please pleaseeeee? well, I know the answer is gonna be, 'too late.' Sigh.

P.s. Abang Nan did offer me if I want to buy it with harga-adik-beradik-boleh-runding, and that was couple of months ago, when I was still working and earned money. Now? hmm..

P.s.p.s Well, its not like I can stay in KL after I finish my studies since I might get kick out from the city and transfer to another place to do lecture for 2-3 years. What. a. life. Yet, I still want it!

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