Sunday, 2 September 2012

Car brokedown incident.

The problem with my car has never ended! I guess my car Wira is sooooo merajuk thought that since I will soon to be unemployed, I will no longer use that him. No Wira, no. I still need you to travel all the way to Shah Alam everyday. Well, since I don't get a house yet.

I don't plan of finding a room for myself in Shah Alam since I only have 2 days of classes for this semester so far, yeayy! But somehow I think I will need to find it out later cause it will not be only 2 days classes, I have extra classes to attend especially German Language. homaigah I'm so excited! Ok, No.

Back to my Wira's dramatic story. It started when I was planning to go to the office on Friday the week of Hari Raya although I have applied for annual leave for the whole week. Such a hardworking employee I am lalalaaa.. Anyway, since I don't usually use Wira except to go to the office and gym, so I didn't use it for days.

So on Friday, I've got myself ready, siap pakai Baju Raya okkkk, and when I was trying to start the engine, the alarm system was automatically activated. Thank god it didn't make any sound, only the emergency light won't turn off. When I was still wearing my tudung and hoping that I could still have a chance to go to work, we called the mechanic to check the system. Tik tok tik tok it was 10 a.m. so.. I canceled the plan!

Thought Wira would be fine after we sent it to workshop. On Monday I started the engine without any difficulties. Dengan confidentnye, I drove Wira. But then I felt uneasy since Wira started to bergegar lain macam whenever I stepped on brakepad. Some sort of semput. Since our neighbourhood is hilly, suddenly Wira stopped when we were going uphill, in the middle of the road! 

Ok. I panicked, and remembered I didn't charge my phone and out of battery! Then I stopped my sister on the road when I saw her passed by. Thank god the car stopped before at T-junction that she got to see me.

She helped me drove my car to the side of the road with lots of cars coming, and one random rude driver tried to scold us, I've scolded him back. Padan muka. So my sister called my bro-in-law for help, he started the engine (ehh boleh start pulakk!) and drove the car around. The problem was, I've drove the car with the engine unheated. Fineeeee Aya!  I drove the car to workshop then, before I went to work that morning. So the problem solved.

I've applied for half day off on the same day and went to Shah Alam with Filla to settle up our Masters studies application and what not, and drove Wira again, confidently.

Thought everything would be fine this time, we arrived at the faculty and the staffs were still on holiday, so we were with unsettled application thingy went back with no progression, and the car brokedown at Federal highway on our way back home!

Drama! Before it stopped, the air-conditioner suddenly did not working and the engine made sound. Thought it would be fine if I drove slowly, but then the temperature suddenly rose up abruptly! Realized the situation, I stopped the car to the side of the highway. Asap berkepul-kepul keluar and we've got out from the car immediately. Fyuhhh!

I called the insurance agent and waited about an hour and a half before the tow truck arrived to fetch us. It was such a scary experience and we were afraid someone might accidentally or purposely hit us from the back, and rob us! Thank god I was not alone. Alhamdulillah.

Thanks Filla! After all, we've both got the chance to naik the tow truck for the first time, so ok laa. hee.
So after what happened I've bought pepper sprays couple of days ago for safety. Just in case.

With love,

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