Sunday, 2 September 2012

'30 Hari Mencari Cinta', the truth.

It took me some times to write this down. I've been thinking deeply, I'm afraid if I carelessly write it here, I might hurt his pride, and his family. And I was trying to face the fact of what I've heard few days ago.

Indeed, he is gay. That's what I heard from my reliable source. I am ready for this. I've expected this. But, still.

It explained why he ignored my friend request on Facebook.
It explained why his partner dislikes me.
It explained why he has that kind of body building.
It explained why both of them are always together, like, together together.
I have a lot of explanations, but I don't want to list down everything here. I can't.

I've got the chance to access his information details, date of birth, home address, everything. Phone number. That's the deal of '30 Hari Mencari Cinta', to get Mr Architect's phone number. But I don't see the reason to keep his number, anymore. 

Well, the truth hurts. But I have my own life to carry on. I pray that he will one day realize his mistakes and back to the right path. May Allah s.w.t have mercy on you, Mr Architect.

As for now, I assume that all guys with good body building are gay. Sorry. Full stop.

Bought this for myself during my visit to Singapore yesterday. Aye, keep calm and carry on, Aya.

With love,

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