Sunday, 12 August 2012

Unexpected plans and the fashion terrorist.

Last Friday I went for Iftar with my several ex-classmates, the A-Team at Ayam Penyet AP, Seksyen 18 Shah Alam. It was an unexpected plan since everybody is busy with their own life and work. And I decided to join at the very last minute after I got permission to skip family dinner heehe.
Only 7 of us made it that day. Muke I terpenyet disitu.
Met Kama's baby Nur Iman Aliaa for the first time.
Although it was a short gathering, but to be able to see the A-Team after such a long time, it was nice! Thanks for those who made it, Aimi, Kama, Ana, Daus, Pejol, Fami and Ain. Thanks to our filthy rich contractor Daus for belanja us the consultants! Hehee 

They told me they barely could recognize me, they said I looked different and lose some weight. Well, I don't see any. I've to blame the last minute plan, I went to work wearing this malas-nak-fikir-baju-ape-nak-pakai-since-its-Flyday old baju kurung and plain bawal which is so not me on usual day! Please, believe me. Bohoooo.

Anyway, let's meet up again next time, A-Team!

* * * *

As soon as I've arrive home, I've took shower and get ready for the next agenda with si budak senget, Petot and her friend, Chena.
We had moreh at Mc Cafe Jalan Pahang. It was my third time came here during Ramadhan. And I think my addiction to caffeine is getting worse!

And another unexpected plan made by Petot, we went up to Genting Highland for sahur!
Oh yeah, sweetttt. Sweet la sangat. You know it was breezing cold up there!
I am still young, people!

Watching sunrise despite the coldness. Tabah betul!
And this is why I called them budak-budak senget.
Melayang woww!

But in the end, I've joined the pose!

 It was fun although I slept most of the time! hahaa.

Anyway friends, please take note that I detest any last minute plan because I know I may ended up wearing plain, bland clothes that I usually wear to go to mini market.  So based on these photos, I should call myself, fashion terrorist!

 Plus, I need to have my camera along with me for better shoots!

With love,

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