Thursday, 2 August 2012

Soon to be a student again.

Yes, you see it right. I am very soon to further my master studies in Civil Engineering, major in Water Resources at UiTM, where else, in this coming September. It's gonna be tough, since I left my lecture notes and books for almost 2 years!

ONE. I am still thinking whether to continue working as an engineer at my current place since I am getting attached and enjoying my job in both civil & structural field, and in the same time do part time studies. In financial wise, it will be fine. But I'm afraid if my study performances will not turn out well..

Or TWO. I should quit my job and focus 100% on my studies. And find a part time job for financial aid before I get scholarship.

My boss doesn't know or notice about this yet. I feel guilty and in dilemma.

Alhamdulillah, I've been called up few days ago to attend an interview with UiTM for Tenaga Pengajar Muda (TPM) scholarship. 6 persons were chosen for WAREM department, and possibility to success is only 1/6. Tough, but I will try my best. InsyaAllah.

And hopefully I can go through all of these again and wear my graduation robe *and that precious PINK selempang again if possible* that I missed during my convocation day last time! Pray for my best!

P.s. This is the reason why I made a move to approach Mr Architect last time. Because I am leaving soon.

With love,


Syuhada said...

hai sis, I student civil jugak, UTM :) congrats anyway .

ayapunyacinta said...

ohh hi! yea i've read some of your posts, civilian.

anyway, thanks dear!