Sunday, 5 August 2012

Iftar at Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia.

 Salaam Ramaddan everyone! We had iftar at Muzium Kesenian Islam Malaysia yesterday and actually, it was my first time heard the existence of this place. It is located at Tasik Perdana very near to Masjid Negara, and that was the main reason we chose this place.
The courses are all about LAMB! yummeyh. If you're into Middle East courses, this is a great place for Iftar.
I love the interior of the building, simply white and calm.
And everybody
HUNGRY! hahaa.
The foods were delicious, not too overwhelmed with different type of courses, just nice.
I'm full! Excuse my Crocs. I should really get a new pair of shoes!
We then performed Solat Tarawikh at Masjid Negara, only 5 minutes walking from the museum.
Le familia. Yang lain dah cabut awal-awal lagi. hee

With love,

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