Thursday, 23 August 2012

Final site inspection.

I have posted an entry about my very first site meeting and how it left me in awe, in February, and Phase 2 of the project was still under construction.

Last few days ago, I had a meeting with project manager and other parties at Putrajaya for another project, but I stopped by at site to see the progression of this Phase 2 project. And I'm so glad to see that our project, the 98 unit of double-storey semi-detached houses located at Precinct 18, Putrajaya are now ready!

I love the concept, English style home design!
I feel like living in Desperate Housewives series. hehee
They've unlocked the door specially for me!
See, I've got the permission to enter the house, yeayy!
It is very comfy and big. Ahh how I wish I am the owner!
Welcome to my neighbourhood! Ok that's enough of berangan, miss engineer!

So, I guess that was my final site inspection as an engineer. I have less than 3 weeks before I officially quit my job and I've already started missing everything in this engineering field! *Cries*

With love,


Syuhada said...

why you quit your job as engineer ? btw, lawa gilaa rumah tu. rasa macam nak satu :)

ayapunyacinta said...

Hi Syuhada!

I'm gonna further my master studies, fully sponsored by uni, so i have to quit..sayang kann? how i wish i can have both in one time. *sad*

anyway, yeahh rumah2 tu sangattt lawa! dgr2 harga start from 2.8mil. heeeeee i gigit kuku je la. but u can try mane tau ade rezeki lebih aite? ;)