Monday, 27 August 2012

26.08.12 Eid ul Fitr openhouse.

A quick update! zassssss.

My sis and I had a small openhouse last Sunday and only few friends were invited. As usual, Petot and Filla were my guests together with Chena and her fiance.

 Menus of the day; the awesome mom's nasi ayam, satay, ketupat palas from Terengganu, air soda gembira, and our yummeyh red velvet cupcakes! 

Seeeeeee I've told ya it was a small, unexpected, and last minute plan compared to last year's. So please don't feel offended if I didn't invite you. But still, sorry from the bottom of my heart.

And thank you thank you thank you so much my lovely Mawarni for made it that day! So glad to see her even though she has just arrived after long journey from Kemaman to KL. Let's talk over a cup of coffee next time, oh yea!

So, before I stop here, just a little secret behind the making of yummeyh Red Velvet cupcakes the other day..

Tadaaaaaa! It was the little chef who made the cupcakes! Muke tekun sangat hahaa

Aye aye, chef!

Ok time to sleep, esok kerja! Bosannnnnn.

With love,

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