Monday, 27 August 2012

26.08.12 Eid ul Fitr openhouse.

A quick update! zassssss.

My sis and I had a small openhouse last Sunday and only few friends were invited. As usual, Petot and Filla were my guests together with Chena and her fiance.

 Menus of the day; the awesome mom's nasi ayam, satay, ketupat palas from Terengganu, air soda gembira, and our yummeyh red velvet cupcakes! 

Seeeeeee I've told ya it was a small, unexpected, and last minute plan compared to last year's. So please don't feel offended if I didn't invite you. But still, sorry from the bottom of my heart.

And thank you thank you thank you so much my lovely Mawarni for made it that day! So glad to see her even though she has just arrived after long journey from Kemaman to KL. Let's talk over a cup of coffee next time, oh yea!

So, before I stop here, just a little secret behind the making of yummeyh Red Velvet cupcakes the other day..

Tadaaaaaa! It was the little chef who made the cupcakes! Muke tekun sangat hahaa

Aye aye, chef!

Ok time to sleep, esok kerja! Bosannnnnn.

With love,

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Final site inspection.

I have posted an entry about my very first site meeting and how it left me in awe, in February, and Phase 2 of the project was still under construction.

Last few days ago, I had a meeting with project manager and other parties at Putrajaya for another project, but I stopped by at site to see the progression of this Phase 2 project. And I'm so glad to see that our project, the 98 unit of double-storey semi-detached houses located at Precinct 18, Putrajaya are now ready!

I love the concept, English style home design!
I feel like living in Desperate Housewives series. hehee
They've unlocked the door specially for me!
See, I've got the permission to enter the house, yeayy!
It is very comfy and big. Ahh how I wish I am the owner!
Welcome to my neighbourhood! Ok that's enough of berangan, miss engineer!

So, I guess that was my final site inspection as an engineer. I have less than 3 weeks before I officially quit my job and I've already started missing everything in this engineering field! *Cries*

With love,

Monday, 20 August 2012

Eid Mubarak 2012.

Salam Eid Mubarak everyone! I believe we're all having such a wonderful Raya celebration this year, aite? Well I know I have a great one at least despite having flu, and eventhough we're celebrating it in KL. hehee

Things I love about Raya. Well, I believe we all do. 
Once-a-year sholat Aidilfitri. Please ignore the so-called photobomb akak in red. Hehee.

Sebagaimana yang telah dijelaskan dalam hadis Nabi Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam yang diriwayatkan daripada Saad bin Aus Al-Ansari daripada ayahnya Radiallahuanhu baginda bersabda maksudnya :-

"Apabila tiba Hari Raya Fitrah, berdirilah malaikat di pintu-pintu jalan lalu menyeru, pergilah wahai kaum muslimin menghadap tuhan yang pemurah yang memberikan kebajikan dan kemudian memberikan pahala yang banyak, demi sesungguhnya kamu telah diperintahkan untuk melakukan Qiamullail maka kamu membuatnya, dan kamu diperintahkan untuk berpuasa pada siangnya maka kamu berpuasa, kamu juga mentaati tuhan kamu maka kamu terimalah balasan kamu, maka apabila bersembahyang maka akan menyerulah orang yang menyeru : ketahuilah bahawasanya tuhan kamu telah mengampunkan kamu dan pulanglah menuju tunggangan kamu dan itu adalah hari menerima balasan dan dinamakan hari itu di langit sebagai hari Aljaizah (hari mendapat ganjaran)".

Le familia photoshoot. 2 siblings were MIA!
Of course, visiting relatives on Hari Raya is a must! These are mom's siblings, they are so copy & paste! hahaa
Well, well.. makeup and selca Raya are also WAJIBBB hehee
Kuih raya of course and.. Alif? Alif, look at the camera! ALIFFFFFF *he purposely turned away hahaa*
And cakes. Our soooo menjadi first attempt of carrot cake!
Sate, nasi minyak, rendang ayam & daging, ketupat & lemang. yummm!
Our full house! Hectic.
Playing with bunga api and mercun yeayyyy!
As for me, new baju raya of course! 1st day baju raya in yellow/khaki.
2nd baju raya wore on the first day after got stain on the first one, in navi blue.
3rd baju raya in deep pink wore on the 2nd day. Well, I love this one the most! Only one left for tomorrow. sobs!
And the thing I've been waiting for.. duit raya! yes yes, at my age. hehee
Well I hope everybody arrived safe at kampung halaman, come back safely and ready to work when holiday comes to the end! hehee

So I'm getting back to my normal life. It's time to hit the gym. yikes!

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir & Batin!

Friday, 17 August 2012

Iftar at The Tropicana Golf Club & Resort.

This year once again our family had iftar at The Palm Coffee House at Tropicana Golf Club & Resort. Our second brother Abang Zul who just arrived from Holland this morning with his wife joined the iftar and completed our family reunion!

Kids table.
Aina, Alya and Ariff.
Alif who was asking to hold the camera,
gave up in the end and smiling on camera!
The 3rd, the 1st and the 2nd brothers together.
Beloved, le familia.

With love,

Thursday, 16 August 2012

A dream comes true.

Alhamdulillah. There is no better word to describe how thankful I am.

If you follow my posts from the past, you may know how bad I want to further my studies overseas. Ever since I've finished my diploma, I received offers from universities in the UK to further my degree studies, yet I couldn't secure financial backups and ended up continued my degree studies at UiTM.

During my final semester degree at UiTM, the dean called out few names as candidates of TPM Ivy League to pursue Master studies at the selected top universities in the UK and US, and I was one of them. But this time, I couldn't manage to secure a place when I have scholarship offered to me!

After graduated, some friends started to work, some furthered their studies at local universities, and that was the moment when I left alone, helplessly. I gave up all my dreams, and started to find a job. Because I was trying to get a place overseas, I wasted 8 months of my life, and I got nothing in return.

July 1st, 2011, that was the moment when my life slowly changed. I've started my career as an engineer, and tried to forget all the things that happened during 8 months period. I was tired and helpless.

And after a year at consultation engineering company, thought I should try again and give myself another chance and this time, locally. I've once again applied UiTM, intentionally to do part-time studies while working at my current company.

Last week, unexpectedly I've been called for TPM scholarship interview and without any clues, I went for the interview and only realized that they were interviewing to send 5 selected students to pursue 2-year Double Master Degree Programme at UiTM and Stuttgart University, Germany. And out of thousands applicants, 5 candidates have been selected, and I am one of them. Again, Alhamdulillah.

"God has perfect timing; never early, never late. It takes a little patience and faith but it's worth the wait". 

A friend of mine quoted this to me. And indeed, its true. If I was fated to further master studies right after I finished my degree level, I will never have a chance to experience life as an engineer.

I have tasted the life of an engineer, and I don't hate it. In fact, I enjoy it so much and I feel regret that I have to leave it soon, forever.

I've come to realize why all of these happened. I mean ALL. He has better plans for me and it's written. But after waiting for years, the opportunity is finally here. Thank you Allah s.w.t for listening to my prayers and Dua'as.

And I think the happiest person to hear the news is.. my mom. The biggest supporter morally, financially ever since back then. Thank you, Mak! You're the coolest mother on Earth! And of course, my family. Germany is added in their agenda as another travel destination in next 2 years! tehee

So, I've tender my letter of resignation to the company. 

And when I've decided to do that to accept TPM scholarship, here comes another one, an interview for YDP Agong scholarship. To give it a try or not, I can't decide yet. I have so many things in my mind right now, I can't think. Should I or should I not?

With love,

Sunday, 12 August 2012

My dream study space.

Okayh actually, I was supposed to register my master studies last Saturday, but something occurred and sooo beyond my control, I can only register myself as a student this coming Friday! Whenever it is, I am heck-cited!

It has been almost 2 years since I've left my campus. Since soon I will become a student again, I was kinda looking for inspiration and MOTIVATION to bring up my study mode.

Guess what turns my study mode on?


Okayh too fancy and girlish overload I know! I love SOME of the ideas but might cost me bucks!

So I prefer something minimal, like this.
 Almost close to my ideal type, simple, white, and very ME and modern. It just, how on earth I can have that window next to my study space?!

Note for myself.

With love,