Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Week 1: 30 Hari Mencari Cinta.

I was planning to only reveal this at the end of the deal, but seems like I can't make it simpler. So, yea.. I have to divide it into parts, and this is my first week of '30 Hari Mencari Cinta'. Enjoy!

Day 1: 

It’s July the 2nd, and the deal I decided to have with Petot, ’30 Hari Mencari Cinta’ starts today! Yikes! And I guess I don’t simply make a deal without at least make a move, or to the extend of accomplish the mission! I’ve been thinking about how should I start, how to approach him, based on what point should I make to not look awkward and obvious. But I decided to go with the flow, and at the end of the deal, we both agreed have to have their phone number, at least!

After work, I went to the gym as usual, and I know they usually will be there on Monday. It just whether I can reach the gym early to see them or I can be too late when they are already in changing room and ready to go back home.

Well, Mr Archi and his friend don’t usually work out at a place where I can reach them. They usually at ‘men area’ where people do weigh-lifting and what not, which is not my thing for sure, and it is so out of my boundary. I arrived pretty early that day, and I saw them. So I was like 'ok, they are here. I can relax now.' Or not.

When I came out from changing room and was heading to the studio for the next class, I saw both of them were doing sit-up between studio and the pathway I passed by. Mr Archi was facing the see-through glass-window studio I was heading to meanwhile his friend was facing the pathway. I passed them with thousand-of-questions-to go-or-not to go facial expression, but somehow I got strength from nowhere, I turned back and approach them!

His friend saw me heading towards and he smiled, took off his earphone. Thank god it wasn’t awkward. But still.. He was like ‘Hey, dah lama ke join sini?’ I was like ‘WTFish you’ve seen me before! I’ve even talked to you that day, don’t you remember?’ If only I can say that to his face. Well I guess he really doesn’t like me. Why oh why??

So I was like talking so fast even I myself barely understand what I was talking about hahaa. Ok, I was freaking menggelabah I know! I was so helpless and somehow breathless and uncontrolled, and I really pointed out a serious matter, and guess what, I talked about work! I repeat, work! W-O-R-K! 

Well since I actually really need to request them something about work, but still, it was freaking outside of the office and there I was at the gym talked about work like I couldn’t pick up that bloody phone next to me and dial the number!

I know I’ve ruined the chance, but still, I am happy that I think I can talk to them freely after this, with zero shyness. Well perhaps a lil bit. 

Ok now I realize, it’s still gonna be a lot! Since all I did was facing and talked to his friend. I couldn’t even look at Mr Archi’s face. So he was only like ‘A’ah’, ‘yea’, acting as a supporter. I. AM. SO. BAD!

Day 2:

Nothing happened. I was waiting for his email as I requested something about work yesterday. Aye, I was in serious working mode. Hmm.

Day 3: 

Nothing happened, again.

Day 4:

It’s Thursday, and I was on MC and I skipped gym. So that was all for this week, I thought. 

Day 5:

Nothing happened, really. But I don't know what kind of feelings I had whole day, when I saw his name in previous printed email; with attention to me, I couldn't stop smiling wide. When boss asked me who's the architect in charge for the buildings I design, and when I said his name, I got butterflies in my stomach! Oh dear..

I usually have family dinner on Friday, so that means no gym. I'm looking forward for tomorrow, since I’ve planned to go men-hunting with Petot at Archidex exhibition at KLCC. Maybe there is no way I have a single chance to meet Mr Archi at the exhibition, but a lot of other architects and interior designers are gonna be there for sure! Hee mode menggedik lalalaa~

Day 6:

So as planned, we took train and went to Archidex exhibition wearing quite-formal attires with high heels. The word Bismillah never stop came out from my mouth.  Well, deep inside my heart I did put some hope if I can meet him by coincidence, which I know its only 0.01% chances to meet him at this exhibition, and only 1x10-16 % chances to meet him in this big city KL! We were excited at first, to see pretty awesome designs, feature walls for home and everything. Berangan for quite a long time.

But somehow it was getting quite boring and tiring, plus we were wearing high heels, with neither appearance of architects and designers nor my Mr Archi, jauh sekali. Perhaps we couldn’t even distinguish whether these people are public or professional people. It’s Saturday after all, what do you expect, Aya! 

So the men-hunting mission turned up to be green bag hunting! We didn’t even give a damn with people surrounding, all we cared about was getting a lot of bags. We really brought back a lot of green bags for god sake! Hahahaha. I told Petot if I meet Mr Archi with these bags now I will hide myself. That would be too embarrassing! LOL

With pretty heavy bags we brought on our shoulder, Petot suddenly craved for Jjajangmyeon and she suggested Pavilion food court since that’s the only place with Halal Korean food available. With empty stomach we had since we didn’t have breakfast this morning, we gave up men-hunting and we walked to Pavilion.

While Petot was sitting at the empty seat available, I went to Korean food shop and ordered Ttobokki. While waiting in front of the stall, I looked around.

And I didn’t know what kind of hallucination I had that moment, with my quite blurry eyes without contact lenses, I saw Mr Archi and his friend. 

I.. I.. My heart stopped beating for seconds when I realized they were real and were heading towards me! Mr Archi seemed quite surprise to see me. I myself couldn’t believe what I saw right in front of my eyes! Not at the exhibition, not at the gym, not at Wangsa Walk, but out of so many places in KL, I met him here, at Pavilion, at this particular hour, coincidentally!

I was so shocked I couldn’t stop smiling wide. I looked at his face, felt like wanna touch his face to see if he’s real. I looked at his muscle hands under his tight shirt, and I want to.. ok gatal! Stop here. hahaa. 

His friend bought new shoes and Mr Archi was there to accompany him. I asked if they went to Archidex, and they didn’t. I myself can’t explain what such a coincidence we had, but really… I think Allah s.w.t heard me and fulfilled my Du’aa. Subhanallah.. Alhamdulillah.

I asked them if they want to join us, but his friend was like ‘It’s ok, tak nak lah ganggu korang.’ I unexpectedly came out with, ‘Ehh mane ade, kawan I, perempuan.’ Ok. Is that really necessary to mention gender, Aya?

After some times, they went to the other stalls to have a look what to eat. As soon as they walked away, my feet couldn’t move, my heart beat fast this time, felt like I was hynotized. 

With my cold hands, I reached my phone and gave Petot a call.  Petot was also in shock when I told her what happened. She was like, ‘wow, wow, WOW!’ thousand times, all the time. I saw them were sitting quite nearby and I couldn’t even hold chopstick, my hands trembled so bad, and I lost my appetite until they went away. Oh dear.

And even though I used all my energy this evening, it was 3.30 a.m. I was still awake. I was not able to sleep. To be able to meet him today, at that moment, I questioned myself. Is this.. FATE?

Or.. Is this another hint that Allah s.w.t wants to show me what kind of person he is?

Day 7:

I used to google his name couple of months ago, and I found out that he was one of the best students together with his friend and both received an award from the company they are working with now.

And today, I googled again, and I found his Facebook account this time! With limited access, acted like a stalker, I looked into his Info, and it stated that he was an ex-technical school student very close to my area. And he lives nearby!

But.. but his name on Facebook is so hard to pronounce. My dear, why don’t you use your real name instead of this.. weird name you use? If people put weird name for example 'ayapunyacinta' whatsoever, instead of real name on Facebook, I basically assume two; either their name is too common, or they are.. you know. In his case, to be safe, I assume both.

I told Petot since she was also from the same school he graduated from. She looked back if she could find his name in school magazine, if they were in same batch. And she did find him! He was her one-year senior. That means, he is at my age! Yikes!

With love,

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