Sunday, 1 July 2012

Random fun things I found and did in June 2012.

I admit I didn't post much these days. I know I know I'm such a bad bad blogger! So I decided to make summarize, post fun things I found and posted it on Instagram, yea the safest way to keep my blog updated heehe. I should have this as monthly post!

I found these pretty pencils at Faber Castell, KLCC and I already fall in love with the black one. RM8 each, should I not grab it? hehh

 And this! The Crochet Book by Cath Kidston at Kinokuniya! I'm not sure what to do with this or even have time for this, but still I want I want!

 And and and THIS! Something that I've been waiting for, Mc Cafe is finally available in Malaysia oh yeahhh! I've tried this during my visit to the USA, it was so yummeyh and addictive! However, you can only get this at McD Kota Damansara!

I've joined Fitness For Charity held by Celebrity Fitness Malaysia at Wangsawalk Mall. Thought I could do Body Combat for 2 hours nonstop, but it was too hot and tiring, I skipped some parts. Fyuhhh!

 I've attended a Chinese wedding held at Intercontinental Hotel on the same day I went for charity. Such a hectic day, but I had fun with colleagues, and ate a lot! Sia-sia buat Fitness For Charity that day ;p

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