Saturday, 28 July 2012

Big Bang concert ticket launch was madness!

A record-breaking crowd of an estimated 3,500 started queuing for Big Bang first-ever concert in Malaysia; from as early as 12noon the day before tickets launched for sale at 10.30am yesterday at Fahrenheit88! Bigbang fans, VIPs are totally awesome, salute!

Such a madness when I was actually tried to buy online, I've wait from 10.30 a.m., clicked on and refreshed Redtix and Ticketcharge webpages when the servers were busy and crashed, and when I was able to access, all tickets were sold out.

Then I've called all the outlets in Selangor and KL if they still have tickets for us, I was willing to go and pick it up right away. But.. they all said the tickets were SOLD OUT! 

And until 4 p.m. I wasn't even able to get at least one when I need six! I gave up, and told Aloy about the news. We were both sad and helpless. After I took shower, I felt asleep infront of lappie, until it was time to break fast. What a day.
Yes, it was!

During Azan, Aloy who just got back from work suddenly gave me a call, said that she was able to access the webpage, and have bought the tickets for us! Wohoooooo!

The concert is going to happen on October 27th, and guess what, it's on my birthday! Well, seems like it's gonna be my best birthday ever!

Anyway, we're excited for BIGBANG Alive Galaxy Tour 2012! O-M-G!!

watching the VIPs queued up at Fahreinheit88 makes me feel grateful that we've got the tickets, eventhough at the very last minute. I've got goosebumps! brrrrr

P.s. Actually we only secured the tickets, but can get the tickets after 2 days, and hope we really get it!

de VIP soon to be,

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