Thursday, 14 June 2012

Kemaman and Kuala Terengganu.

Holaaaa peeps! Woww feels like I have left this blog for years. Not so much activities involved in May. But seems like June is being nice to me, I went back to my hometown in Kemaman, again, for the second time this year, and second time after years!

The vacation was actually planned for PRU-13 since most of us are still voting in Kemaman, but turned up PRU-13 actual date is not yet been announced, coincidentally our cousin who lives in Brunei is getting married in Kemaman. And the most coincident yet good new is, my bestfriend’s engagement on the same day, also in Kemaman! Pretty much like killing two birds with one stone yayy!

So we took annual leaves since Thursday, planned to go to gym that morning, but nahhh, stayed at home, lazy-ing around and streaming YouTube was way so much betta! Well since I am still in BigBang mode, oh yeah! At 6.00 p.m. my brother arrived right after attended meeting, and we took off to Kemaman right away. Oh Kemaman, I’m back again!

After 3.5 hours, we arrived at Kemaman, and stopped by at Ayah Su’s restaurant, ate his famous Sotong Celup Tepung, and bought Ayam Goreng and Satay from Sajian Bistari at pasar malam. Oh how we missed that. But the taste was not really like it used to be. It tasted plain. And blunt. Sad.

Checked-in at Awana Kijal Resort, reminded me of my first time entered Awana Kijal room together with besties Nada, Jiah, and Syarina when we were 15. We spent 3 days at the hotel, pampered ourselves with luxurious and girlish days out! Auwww rindu! 

 Well, my brother told me that Awana Kijal's structures were designed by my current boss. Auww, not bad boss!

Anyway, with 2 rooms booked, we slept as soon as we arrived and only woke up when it was time for breakfast. After breakfast, we went to Kuala Terengganu which took 1.5 hours to arrive and yeah, the destination was Pasar Payang! 

 I remember how barely we went to Kuala Terengganu since Kemaman is much nearer to Pahang boarder, so we frequently went to Kuantan for shopping instead of the capital city of Terengganu. Plus, no shopping malls (and cinemas!) in Terengganu back then. Sedih, kan? And I spent my school breaks mostly with my cousins and relatives in KL. So, Kuala Terengganu is kinda new-yet-exciting place to me.

We stopped by at Pantai Batu Buruk where we used to live nearby the beach when I was not yet born in this world. It was when Abah worked as a government officer and my brothers grew up with Mercedesz, driver and maids. Bohoooo.

 Either we didn’t know or we forgotten that it was Friday and Pasar Payang close around 5 p.m., so we didn’t manage to shop a lot. Sigh. 

We then stopped by at Kampung Losong to buy the famous Keropok Losong. If you wonder what is the different Keropok Losong and the normal one, it differs only at the last method when the normal Keropok Lekor is boiled and deep fried whereas Keropok Losong is fried as soon as its done which makes it more crispy and yummeyh! 

Well, pathetic me, I only tried Keropong Losong for the first time last year eventhough I lived in Terengganu for almost 20 years! Iskk.

We stopped at Masjid Tengku Tengah Zaharah or we called it the Masjid Terapung for half an hour to perform prayers.  Abang Zam then brought us to see our former house at Rhu Redang before one Dato’ was interested to buy it, and we all moved in Kemaman. Ah.. so many family histories back then which I wasn’t able to catch up since I was too young to understand. I’ll dig everything out soon.

Around 6 p.m., we arrived at the hotel, took some rest and after took shower, ready for the next agenda, cousin Ayu’s solemnization. It was a simple ceremony (or because we arrived late) we weren’t able to see the lafadz. 

The love story between this couple I can describe it as we’re watching a drama. Ayu was previously engaged to one guy and was supposed to get married last year in October. Unfortunately her mother (my aunty) was sick and in critical state, and Ayu had to look after her mother. I assumed Allah s.w.t. loves her fiancé more, the fiance died in accident. Innalillahiwainnailaihirojiun.. 

Alhamdulillah my Aunty has slowly recovered, and Ayu now is wife to the late fiance’s bestfriend. Dramatic, aite? Anyway Alhamdulillah the ceremony went well, may Allah s.w.t bless them and the days to come.
The next day after breakfast, I went to my pwetty bestfriend’s engagement, Mawarni. But, I’ll describe the details in the next post, it’s a special entry for you Mawarni! hehee.

At 1 p.m. we went back to Ayu’s wedding reception. With yellow and black themes, the ceremony was held simply with Silat performance which rarely we can see it nowadays. And it was nice to meet and gathered again altogether among us relatives for this kind of event. 

After the ceremony, we decided to go buy keropok keping for stock, penuh satu boot kereta, and then lepak-ed at Hai Peng since it is weird yet true, most of us never been there except for my sister and me, it was our second time. Hahaa. Roti Bakar and their Au Lait coffee are tasty, seriously! This is a must visit place if you happen to come here. We went back to the hotel and went swimming in pool provided until dawn. 

The next day, it was Sunday and I woke up, saw this crystal clear scene.

I then walked to the beach with Danish since they were all still under blanket and in their dreams.

Baju semalam tehee.

After breakfast, we were ready to check out and go back to KL, and say goodbyes to everything in Kemaman. Well, I guess we will come back again when PRU-13 is announced! Kemaman, I’ll be back! *rabbit dance*

Please enjoy Alya's skills of taking photos.
Kaki Mak Su, Alya & Aunty Yan.

P.s. Any grammatical errors spotted, please correct me. Maklumlah, English mase SPM B3 je :p

With love,

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