Friday, 1 June 2012

Handmade pencilcase with passion.

This is the prove of my 1.5 years hard work, patient and.. PATIENT. The eco-friendly pencil case made from recycle thingy, from pieces of balance kain baju kurung, old bedsheet (bhahaha no kidding!) and book cover. And believe it or not, I sewed it myself!

I'm pretty sure the reason why it took me that long to finish it up. Jahit tangan kott. hee Plus, I have to wait only until I feel like wanna have new baju kurung. Anyway, the part that I love the most, the colourful pens arranged accordingly at one side, which I've been wanting this since school days!

Now that I finished it, I feel so happy! This pencil case may not came out as perfectly as I wanted. But great enough to complete my desireness on this kind of ridiculous yet possible thingy. Yeayy!

With love,

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