Friday, 15 June 2012

09.06.12 Mawarni's Engagement Day.

Mawarni and I are bestfriend since Form 2 at SMKSI2. We moved to technical school together, she then studied at Johor Matriculation College meanwhile I was in Perak. she graduated from UTM and I graduated from UiTM. Eventhough not under the same field of work, we are both engineers now. And yes, due to work, we complain to each other and stress out a lot! hahaa.

As promised, Mawarni's simple-but-nice engagement moments! I loveeee it!
 Bermesra dengan future mother-in-law. Sweett! hehee

Happy sangat! :D

With her Mr Fiance. bak kate my sis, muka baik je! hehee
The conversation was, "Yan, hudoh ork cicing aku?" "Dok dek eh, hudoh mende gok. Comey je" Ok, I'm not gonna translate this. hahaa

The one who listen to all my stories since back then, comfort me, and support me endlessly. You know who you are, Mawarni. Thank you, thank you and zillions of thank you!

And congratulations on your engagement! I am so happy for you! ;-)

 If you need any helps, ideas or comments for the wedding, just give me a call, ok? Bukan jauh pun Titiwangsa dengan Gombak! :)

P.s. See I told you Mawarni, the make-up came out nice in pictures!

P.s.p.s Carikan aku calon, pleaseeeeee :p

With love,

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