Saturday, 12 May 2012

My secret rooms revealed.

Hi! Well, when I was looking at my photo album during matriculation (yes, I was once a matriculation college student), I've found something interesting, to me at least. A few photos of my room at the college! I don't even know why I love to take photos of my own space. Weird, huh?

And I suddenly thinking of having a random post about my rooms since the past few years, until now. Check this out people!

* * * *

This was taken during my studies at Perak Matriculation College in year 2004. I was so into pinky things, butterflies and Japanese singer, Ken Hirai.

 * * * *

And this was taken during diploma level at UiTM Sarawak in year 2005 to 2008. Pink colour again, and Ken Hirai's body part from his Kiss Of Life CD cover album as decoration! Oh nang rindu bena la kamek ngan UiTM Sarawak tok oii!

* * * *

This was taken during degree level at UiTM Shah Alam from 2008 until 2010. And again, pink! I loved this corner the most, my study area! Very inspiring, very Kim Heechul-ing. uh uh yeah yeah.

* * * *

And this is my room now.

Nothing much. It just a plain, boring room, aite? And guess what I usually do in my room with the door closed?

Na-ah, not something dirty.

 Marathon-ing Running Man! hahaa. 

And this is my dream-yet-low-budget-space where I want to spend my leisure time at.

Alright, till then!

With love,

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