Friday, 27 April 2012

Work, stress out and about!

Working as an engineer gives pleasure to me sometimes, especially when I’ve finished my part of design for one project within period of time given, perfectly. Such satisfaction achieved when I can continue designing and focus on other projects while listening and humming to the music I listen, and sip a cup of coffee I made. Imagine it. Wow.

But life is not always as perfect as I wanted. There are times when I’ve done with the design, but somehow boss who is a bully, bullied me, did the last minute checking part and not satisfied with the outcomes. That’s when my life turned upside down. Life as a junior engineer is hard indeed. 

I’ve to bring my work back home, stayed up till late at night and do the last minute amendment. The case when the drawings requested by architect and QS to be submitted the next morning when the drafter was still finishing it was worse enough, but the worst incident happened when 6 copies of tender submission on A1 size paper need to be prepared the next day but still the drawings were not yet done, and the drafter in charge was on leave!

That’s why I detest working at the very last minute!

That was the scariest moment ever happened to me, so far, when I have to do the drawings on my own. With limited knowledge of AutoCAD software since I don’t use it often, it may take an hour for drafter to finish it up, but probably a day for me to complete it!

Can you imagine how I felt when at the same moment QS gave me a call to expedite the issuance of drawings. The burden increased when all drafters were busy with other projects, and the boss who asked me to amend the drawings abandoned me with no other choice, even though that was his project I took care of!

That incident happened to me couple of days ago, and I cried right after Encik Shukri, one of my colleagues who also in charge on the same project gave me a call asking for the progression of the structural drawings since QS was asking him too.

I cried so hard in my colleague’s room and I couldn’t stop until the akak receptionist Kak Ida went upstairs looking for the any available drafters to help me out. But since most of them were busy, they promised to help me out once they’ve done with theirs.  

Even rubber bands to tight the drawings together became part of my accessories when I was way too busy with the drawing submission.

It was 4 p.m. and I had no time to waste, the boss’ driver, Khairi, who was once a drafter at this office became my drafter that day, with some helps from Abang Jalil and Ang Koon. What a relief, even though he couldn’t do the work as perfectly as I expected, but at least the work is done! Thank you so much, Khairi! Dapat gaji I blanje makan k! My tears kept on falling down nonstop. Such a Drama Queen I kann?? Hehee, I cry when I’m on pressure, I can’t help it.

The drawings submitted the next day after minor amendments made by the drafter in charge who came to me and apologized after made me cry hard the day before. And I felt totally free! Hehee No more headache or baby cries, only swollen eyes in the next morning as a proof of my hard work and commitment. And a proof that I can't work under pressure lalala.

If working as an engineer at this company makes me so stressful  like this, why am I bother still working here? Why don’t I choose to work with other engineering companies? I can always click on Jobstreet to find other jobs. Why don’t I change my field of work to banking or any works that earn more incomes and benefits although sometimes I feel like I want to? The answer is, I don’t even know why.

Probably because working as an engineer makes me satisfied with myself even though I don’t earn as much as the effort that I put on my job? Probably because of the experiences I gained in handling these different kinds of people makes me want to work harder? Probably because of the projects I involve now might be a big ticket to work with other established companies in the future? Probably because I’m afraid I might not have any other reason to talk to Mr. Architect if I leave..? For the last part, hmmph. It could be. Oh dear. Ohhhhh dear!
Anyway anyhow, whatever the reason is, I need to take a few days off, go for a vacation somewhere nearby, and rest up my body and my mind. Where? The quick answer as shown below. Yayy!

Till then, daahhhhh~!

With love,

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