Thursday, 19 April 2012

Stupidity 100%.

 ♪ ♫ Ten2five - I Will Fly. ♫♩

There are times when my work requires willingness to sacrifice my weekends, which that is so not me, but somehow I have to, and worst, sacrifice my beauty sleep!
 Like I did last night.

While doing my work, and of course sneaked on websites here and there, I was having thought, "I do feel like wanna quit my job in engineering field, especially when I have to do overtime, at home, like this." Yes I really consider this whenever I feel so stress out.

Until I wrote down something to cheer me up! 
Auww. Cheesy me, I know. Muntah sekarang.

And today, I've destroyed the evidence since I accidentally misplaced that note for a while, and ended up a few colleagues read it and used it to tease me. Oh dear.

Great, Aya. Just great!

With love,

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