Sunday, 15 April 2012

Royal Velvet Cupcakes.

So, we had another attempt of velvet version of cupcakes this week. Last couple of months we had the cheating recipe of Red Velvet cupcakes, so to try something new, we used purple instead of red! And we named it Royal Velvet Cupcakes ;) 

And yes, NO premix flour this time I promise! 

But of course, excessive amount of cocoa powder turned everything upside down!


Although the color didn't turn purple as we wanted, but seriously, it tasted really good!

Try it now!

P.s. For those who read my post and jot down the recipe yesterday, don't forget to try it! Sorry to inform you guys the recipe has been taken down due to few orders received. Yea, we're taking order for this! Gonna improve on deco, of course, and yea, we are the Cupcake Girls from now on! Hee

With love,


adibah amani. said...

Nice blog :D I'm from Holland!

ayapunyacinta said...

Hi adibah! thanks. Ohh I have my bro and sister staying in Holland.

Salaam from Malaysia! ;)

sugar rush said...

Hye dear, feel free to visit our blog with latest fashion trends we can find in store! :))