Saturday, 21 April 2012

Ariff's 4th birthday party.

Hello peeps! Today we've celebrated nephew Ariff Zikri's 4th birthday. It was pretty awesome with lotsa lovely foods, which I decided to skip and say bye-bye to dancing class for today!

So my mother was in charge on her merveilleuse Nasi Dagang as requested by Kak Layla. Meanwhile my younger sister and I were in charge on sandwiches and of course, CUPCAKES! 

Despite my busy days with tender submission this week, I've took half day off on Friday to be able to do 2 types of cupcakes. My sister even took a day off went to buy the ingredients!

Ze chocolate fountain!
With marshmellows, strawberries and stick biscuits! Yummeyh.

Traditional kuih-muih. Ohh my mouth watering so much right now.
 And tadaaaa. Our awesome Red Velvet Cupcakes with cream cheese!
And our plain cupcakes too!
A lot of foods served, and Alif Safwan just couldn't stop eating.
Ok liar. It was me who couldn't stop eating with all the desserts right beside me. Chocolate even stuck on my teeth. lalalaa
Ariff's birthday cake with his favourite cartoon characters, Woody and Buzz from Toy Stories!
Birthday boy Ariff is blowing the candles..
And cut at the edge of the cake to save Woody and Buzz's head!
And lastly, time to open the prezzies!

Some of the guests were asking where did we buy the cupcakes, especially the Red Velvet? "Sedapnye! Rase moist, boleh ambil tempahan ni." They said. Ohh our pleasure!

We've even received an order to make 200 pieces of cupcakes, well, from my brother for his staffs. But still, 200 pieces y'all! Quite an achievement isn't it? I don't know how we can make it, but we will do it!

 So, wanna make order? Just drop your message in my inbox! ;)

 newly received tribal dress from ThePopLook | Cardigan from Papaya by Mark&Spencer | belt and accesories from Forever XXI | bag from Teetoo | Shawl from Mecca

 Ok bye, till then!

With love,

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