Saturday, 7 April 2012

07.04.12 Filla's Engagement day.

Another friend is one step ahead to build a new life chapter. Business partner of The Scarf Royale and also my ex-classmate Filla is now someone's fiancée yayy!

This engagement day was kinda private event, not so many people know about this.  That means, no photos allowed to be uploaded on Facebook. But yea, I got a green light from Filla to post it here. hee
So, my dear classmates or university mates, if you happen to see and read this entry, lets keep it as a SECRET. sshhhh! ;)

Wanna see who's the lucky Mr Fiance? tadaaaaaaa!
Sejuk mata memandang kannn. Alhamdulillah. 
Anyway, after discussion among family members from both sides, the wedding day has been decided to be held on the end of this year. 

Very soon. Can't wait! Congratulations, Sufilla Mohamed & Abd Jabbaar!

P. s. It took me an hour and a half to style this scarf can you believe it?? plus another 2 hours added, tried it the night before. The result? Still categorize it as a fail attempt! hahaa

With love,


farah said...

fila dh tunang???wahhh congrat to her...aya bile lg??aya diet ke..nmpak pipi kurus sket..

ayapunyacinta said...

a'ah Fila tunang senyap2 je. die tanak heboh2kan. sshhhh tau. hee

aya.. takde calon lalalaa

diet tak diet pun. maybe tudung n camera punye position tu buat nampak pipi kurus. badan tak pun hahaa

farah said...

xpe nnti jmpe ahh calon tu..farah slalu tgk blog aya..coz best n cntik..hehe..;)

john n amal said...

rasa nak jerit tapi xkuar sebab kata secret. hehehe. filla cantek sgt!!! tunang dia pun ade gaya bakal imam muda. hehehe. can't wait for her wedding! boleh jadi A-Team punye reunion nih! :)

ayapunyacinta said...

farah: Aminnnn moga2 jumpe la. hee btw thanks sbb datang singgah sini ;)

amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalll! cam x caye kan? jerit2 kat sini je tau fila xkasi heboh2kan hehee. itu laa ade gaye suami soleh pun ade. siap sedia je la reunion besar2an nanti!