Sunday, 18 March 2012

Bowling and dinner with family.

It is very hard for our family to gather together, complete with 7 siblings since they stayed at all over the places in the world. 

Just recently when Kak Layla who stayed in the UK for almost 15 years decided to come back to Malaysia for good, and adik Asma who graduated from the US last year, and now only Abang Zul and wife Kak Zai left, staying in Holland (my next dream destination to travel? hehee) spend their holiday in Malaysia for 2 weeks, we took the chance and had a family activity at Tropicana Golf Club & Country Resort yesterday.
We had delicious homemade Nasi Dagang for brunch. Siblings and relatives nearby came to enjoy mom's specialty. Plus Keropok Lekor bought from Kemaman, and our (my sister and me) fantastic, tasty homemade Oreo Truffle! Don't worry, recipe is coming up in the next post. Believe me, it's easy and a must try! :) 

So, right after brunch/lunch, we headed to Tropicana for bowling!
Alif was trying to play, but instead of using hand, he kicked it like a footballer! hahaa
Well, I'm not a good player, in fact, I'm bad at bowling! But..
3, -, 6, 5, 6, 1... strike, spare.. and strike? not bad, hah? :D
After bowling, forget about my diet or gym, we had dinner at The Palm, Tropicana.

This is how big our family is :)
And we eat big.
Tasty foods and desserts, and we had a great fun!

So we had all siblings that day, except..
Our eldest brother who has been admitted to hospital for a small surgery..
Get well soon, Abang Zam.

With love,

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