Sunday, 11 March 2012

Ayzee's Carnival wedding.

Hectic! Two weddings attended in a day, and both are friends during matriculation college. And this time, Ayzee and partner husband Qawiem! What a great and fun wedding I must say with extraordinarily cute and you-will-never-have-this-in-your-mind concept, Carnival Wedding!

Held at Menara PGRM, S.W.A.G squad came out of nowhere after a few teasers and storyline played. After a while, the spotlight focused on the bride at the back, and Ayzee walked in with a pretty smile on her face, a bit trembled (I guess), but looked so gorgeous and stunning! 

Qawiem then ran half way to get Ayzee, sat on his knee, and held Ayzee's hand. Auuw sweet! :)

Overall, the concept, the wedding invitation card, the songs and videos played, the doorgift, the pelamin, the performances, the props, the speeches, the foods, the makeup, and the WEDDING DRESS especially, everything was perfect! And I love every single detail of it.

Wish I brought better camera with me that day but it didn't fit in my small clutch. sigh.

Much love, health and happiness in your life together. Congratulations Ayzee and Qawiem!
 * and this photo is taken without permission from Ayzee's fb. Sorry! hee

Oh well well well, when is your turn, Aya??
shhhhh. !@#$%^&*

top from Cotton On | long skirt from Express Studio, USA | unbranded shawl from Mecca | clutch from MNG | Accessories from Diva

P.s. My dear Ayzee, totally forgot to bring your pressie together I was in rush I left it at home. Not an expensive one, but if you happen to read this, you can claim it from me ok! :)

With love,

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