Sunday, 5 February 2012

Kemaman, I'm back after years!

Hey hey hey! Just reached home after 2 days 1 night journey back to my hometown, Kemaman and you don't know how excited I am now writing it down here!

Kemaman was my hometown back then. I lived there since after few months I was born. Yes, I am neither Selangorian nor KLrian, I am from Terengganu kite! hehee. Oh btw, after high school, I entered Perak Matriculation College and barely went back to Kemaman since Perak-Kemaman, about what, 7-hour journey? Urghh. it was tiring! Since most of my siblings are working in KL, abah and mak frequently came to KL and stayed for weeks.

We started to move in KL when I was doing my diploma in Sarawak in the end of year 2006, when we left the house for months and one day, we were reported by our neighbour that someone broke into our house! What an unfortunate event I must say. Abah then decided to sell off his restaurant and we all moved out from the town. And I never went back to Kemaman since then.

Went back to Kemaman yesterday gave me quite a blow. I felt like completely a stranger when I saw new shops and old remained buildings. Everything seemed nostalgic to me. But it brought back all the memories created when I was teenager. Yes, I miss every second moment of it. 

After attended a wedding as soon as we arrived, we drove along the way Chukai town, passed by our old primary and secondary schools, our neighbourhood, our old house (seriously old), our old restaurant before check-in to the hotel nearby. 

Alone, I then planned to visit my besties, Nada, Jiah, Mawarni and Shira's house, eventhough I know most of them are not staying with their parents anymore. But I wanted to visit their mother atleast, but I couldn't even stop the car and knock the door. I only managed to passed by their house and looked from far. 

I then drove off to another neighbourhood where the person I admired before I left Kemaman lives. Everything seemed so unfamiliar to me, I couldn't remember exactly which one is his house. So I went back to the hotel without meeting anyone. 

Mak, Adik and me then went to restaurant nearby Pantai Teluk Mak Nik to enjoy Terengganu dishes satar and otak-otak. Unfortunately we were quite late, only otak-otak left and we ordered the yummy mee calong!

We then stopped by the nearest beach located and took some walk. Ohh how I miss the beach. 
 With full stomach, we then visited Ayah Sue's restaurant and he treated us his delicious sotong celup tepung and keropok lekor. And I thought my stomach was about to explode any soon!

Jiah gave me a call, told me that Nada is back in Kemaman for his late father's majlis tahlil! I really wanted to meet her since then but couldn't reach her idek why. So without any notice, we went back to the hotel, my sister and I changed into baju kurung busuk we wore the whole day, fetched Jiah who I never met since after SPM (oh how I missed her) and parked the car right infront of Nada's house. 

The moment I saw Nada, I felt so indescribably touched and I really wanted to give her big, long hug but I felt busuk so, just a hug. Among us, Nada was the one who I really closed to since form 1. We had the same school bags, same pencil cases, same interests, same style. Whenever there was Nada, there was me, and vice versa. 

Met her yesterday gave me such a relief feelings to see her getting better after his late father's death couple of weeks ago. I couldn't stop looking into her gloomy eyes, and I realized how strong she is.

And guess what, she announced that she's getting married this coming December! Couldn't believe myself we used to spent so much time together, and this lovely bestie is getting married soon. I'm so happy for her! Congrats Nada! *hugs*

We were talking and gossiping til late night without realized how time flies so fast. 
 How I wish to meet Shira, Mawarni and Sya altogether. But being able to meet these two, I feel great enough.

The next day, we packed up our stuffs, sent mom to her friend's house for a small meeting with her other friends. My sister and I went to the famous Hai Peng Kopitiam for breakfast. And to be honest, that was our very first time tried out the coffee after 17 years lived there! No wonder, they called it the best coffee in Kemaman!
We then bought 2 boxes of coffee and Sri Kaya for Abang Nan. Around 11.30 a.m. we checked out the hotel, stopped by the road to buy keropok keping and keropok lekor, and went back straight to KL.

So, our missions completed in less than 24 hours. 
* Visited our former schools and neighbourhood, check.
* Ate otak-otak and went to the beach, check.
* Had breakfast at Hai Peng, check.
* Adik attended her friend's wedding, check.
* Mom met her Makcik Mah and friends, check.
* I met my besties Nada, and Jiah, big check, check and CHECK!

I'm so glad I went back to Kemaman, even after 6 years!
Eee tak boleh blah pose I! buwekkk

P.s. Along the way back to KL, I couldn't stop thinking about how we grew up together, and how much I miss that moment. I. miss. my. friends. already! *cries*

P.s.p.s And I think my health is getting better now. Thank you for your concern! xoxo

With love,

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