Saturday, 25 February 2012

My daily routine these days.

Hi peeps! Haven't update my blog since my last entry 'Wordless Wednesday' 2 weeks ago with Celebrity Fitness bag posted. Yes, I am now a member of Celebrity Fitness, yeayy! 

That's explained why my blog is kinda spider webbing, the owner is currently so tight up with hectic daily routine these days. 9 a.m.-6.30 p.m. at the office, go to the gym straight after work till 10.30p.m. balik kepala ting tong ting tong, tido.

But I am indeed happy with my new lifestyle. I feel like my world is getting back to normal (hehh?). Meeting new people and create new friends, I am now opening my eyes wider to see what's actually going on in the real world, not just sticking in front of my lappie 24/7!

Why I choose to join the gym? I've decided to join it since November last year. But I was sorting things out, comparing between gym X and gym Y, apparently I choose Celebrity Fitness since it is near to my house and I can stop by after work or whenever I want.

I read somewhere that our metabolism rate is getting lower by the age of 25. I am 26 this year. That means if I want to get fit, this is the right time, before its too late. So yeah, I have to. Some other reasons;

* Our family has high blood sugar and high blood pressure history. So I better control myself now.
* I had a cough for over 2 months and my immunity system is kinda weak.
* I want to look good on my bestfriend's wedding day, Nada. In December. hahaa yea it's freaking December! But I don't care.
* Hit the gym is kind of my new way to release tension. Budget cool macam dalam drama korea la kan. buwekkk.
* Honestly I want to look good in picture, so I don't have to like "Heyh, I look fat, retake the photo!"
* I want to get fit. Taklah semput memanjang! Dengan harapan nak ikut panjat Gunung Kinabalu with my brother this coming June. berangan.
* I want to feel confident I don't have to hold my breath to cover up my tummy. Believe me, I'm good at covering it :p
* I am manhunting. hahaha ok, I am serious.

So, how did I join it? I was actually had a meeting with architect for one of our project, and the office is so near to Wangsa Walk Mall. After the meeting, I stopped by at the mall since I was craving for Each A Cup and walked into the gym. 

Well, it was kinda embarrassing looking at those people working out while I was there drinking 2 cups of fattening Pearl Milk Tea! So the consultant was explaining about the gym and I was like 'oh, aahh' while sipping the bubbles, 'sropppp.'

The consultant then told me that they were having promotion for first visit and that was the last day of the promotion. It was kinda great deal to have, and yes, very tempting, but I was rushing to get back to the office, I paid deposit, came back after work and paid the rest.

So, that was it.

Ok ok. this is the hidden story behind it. If you remember I blogged about Mr Architect I met in previous post, I actually met his bestfriend at the gym during my second visit after I officially become a member! 

Now that I recall everything, the architect I met during the meeting is one of his colleague, so basically Wangsa Walk Mall is kinda his place. Second, recalling how he has a great body, that gym is the answer! What a fate, I mean coincidence. *cough uhuk uhuk*

I once wrote this 'If she's given another chance to meet him again, that's DESTINY. If not, they're just not meant to be.' in my previous post. But until now, I haven't see him at the gym yet. Well, let's wait what's next.

Anyway so far, I'm having great fun at the gym. Attending dancing class, yoga class, sauna, even taking a shower at the gym feels great on tired muscles! yehaaaaaaa.

Till then, peeps! :)

With love,


john n amal said...

i like the "manhunting" part. hahaha :P later boleh try herbalife ain pulak. agak menarik jugak :)

AYApunyaCINTA said...

hikhik itu la nak try tapi budget da lari sbb pegi gym. ain introduce lambat sgt.. hee