Wednesday, 25 January 2012

This is how I spent my Chinese New Year holiday.

 Salaam and hello peeps! Hope it is still not to late to wish my Chinese friends and colleagues, GONG XI FA CAI! Its great to have multiple races celebrating multiple festivals, don't you think so? And most important is, multiple holidays yeay! 

Well, this ignorant single woman only spent her holiday with her family, but still, she had great fun!
We drove all the way from KL to Temerloh, Pahang bandar ikan patin and had Ikan Patin masak tempoyak for lunch! 
Ikan patin masak tempoyak nyum nyum.  

 and this is ikan patin bakar. This one tasted good!

On our way back to KL, we stopped by at Lipur Lentang Waterfall to survey the place if we can come back for our picnic plan the next day. But yea, not so bad..

And of course, eat this 'aiskrim roti' is a must! 

* * * * *
 The next day, we went picnic as planned, but this time at Ulu Yam, Selangor.
We arrived around 11.30 a.m. and yeah, it was packed with people. But we managed to find a spot next to a warmhearted family who gave us foods.  

I think this was the reason of their kindness. We only had nuggets, sandwiches and kuih-muih. hahaa 
 No, not really. We actually had these delicious Nasi Lemak and pulut durian prepared by mum! 

Here, our beloved and skillful masterchef, Puan Zainun and bibik, tengah posing.
Sakit pinggang yer?? 
 Aina was showing off her swimming skill she learned. "Aunty Yan, wrong! Not like that, like this!" hahaa okay fine, Aina!
 Alif the macho boy takut air! hishhh.

 This 100% Cheeky Ariff didn't want to go back home.

Danish was trying hard to hide his tummy. hahaa

It wasn't that great isn't it? But better than what I planned; stay at home -boringgggg, read novels -done with Julia Quinn's, uninteresting novels left, watch k-dramas -watched all of it, seriously, do sewing project -incomplete sewing kit, and bake cakes and cookies -I'm on diet. hahaa kidding. Much better. Well, I wonder how did you spend your this CNY holiday?

 With love,

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