Monday, 30 January 2012

Sungha Jung, the awesome guitarist.

I happen to notice this kid when I saw a friend of mine posted this Yiruma's 'Kiss the Rain' cover on Facebook. Each of Yiruma's piano masterpieces are indeed indescribably splendid, but to make an acoustic guitar cover version with full of emotion is something worth applauding. Nay, he's worth everything!

I have to admit, I clicked on the video because he is Korean, plus he plays guitar which I admire. But you better watch it yourself and judge.

Another lovely piece I love, Twilight by Kotaro Oshio. Definitely left me in awe.

Check out his jwcfree's channel on Youtube for more soothing music. Or you can check out his website at  What am I now, a promoter? hahaa

May your dream to become a professional acoustic fingerstyle guitarist comes true, Sungha!

P.s. Why oh why am I only realize your existence now, kid?

P.s.p.s. I thought Aizat's Sungai Lui would win AJL last night.. But Alyah's Kisah Hati was really impressive! She gave it all. Not only the dolly prop, although I've seen that idea before. overall. and Remy Ishak ;)

With love,

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