Sunday, 15 January 2012

PLAY! FT Island Concert live in Malaysia 2012.

Event: PLAY! FT Island Concert live in Malaysia 2012.
Venue: Stadium Negara, Kuala Lumpur.
Date: 14.01.2012 at 8.30 p.m.
Fanclub & colour theme: the yellow-ish Primadonnas!

After Korean Music Waves concert was held in September 2011, FT Island once again hit Malaysia with freeeaaaking awesome PLAY! FT Island concert!

I was at first didn't have the ticket and wasted about RM10 trying to win 8tvnitelive contest, but.. big sigh. *Abang Baki you better let me win next time! :D* In fact, I really wanna see my handsome bias Choi Jonghun the DOLL, in real life! Well, although I've seen him once. I've tried to buy the ticket, but all affordable tickets were sold out! Another big sigh. So I was planning to stalk them from the airport to the hotel like what I did during ZE:A came to Malaysia. You can check it here.

But once again, they arrived when I was busy working at the office, on Friday! Sigh, life as a working fangirl is indeed hard. After watched their arrival at KLIA via various fancams, and a friend of mine tweeted me Jonghun's photo during fanmeet, I was sooooo meroyan the night before the concert. The fact that I heard they were scheduled heading to Singapore right after the concert, my plan was ruined.Totally ruined!

When I was about to give up, one kindhearted friend suggested me to check on 'MY FT Island', *thank you Nik Tim!* then only I realized few fans were selling off the tickets! So, I grabbed the cheapest ticket at RM100 instead of RM151! Thank you Israh for the ticket!

So, tadaaaaa, FT Island concert! Yes, I went alone. I sat next to few random but very cool fans and we shouted their names together in count 1,2,3 several times! crazehh people. When FT Island appeared on stage for the first time, I saw Jonghun, and shouted "Jonghun-aaaa~, nuna wasseoooooooooo!" Fyuhhh. I felt so relief. Felt like the promise I made to Jonghun to see him live on stage again has been fulfilled!

So introducing, *drummmmm*
Lee Hongki, the vocalist! *also known as Jeremy if you've watched You're Beautiful!
Song Seung Hyun (guitarist and vocal)
Lee Jae Jin (bassist)
Choi Min Hwan (drummer)
and.... tadaaaaa! my bias, leader Choi Jong Hun the lead guitarist babeyh! yayy!
They kicked off the concert with their famous song, I Hope! They then sang 23 songs in total including Hello Hello, my favourite Love Love Love, Bad Woman, FT Island, Primadonna, few japanese songs including Let It Go!, Life and I Want. Well actually, none of them can speak English, maybe just a little bit, but not much. But they were trying hard to communicate, kinda rambling everything which I think its cute! Hongki especially, somehow talked in simple Korean but, yeah it wasn't hard to understand their Korean language tehee

Hongki admitted that he caught flu, but he gave it all, all the boys gave it all, performed like nobody cares, and seriously, it was tooooooo awesome to describe!
and I (if you can see me in this pic LOL) really couldn't take my eyes off..

this man.
The way he played the guitar, omg. I didn't expect it was gonna be that great. I mean yeah, I know he can play well, but in most of the music shows he performed, sad but true, guitar without wire connections! You know what I mean, right? ;) But yesterday, he proved me wrong. He is a real guitarist, the awesome, skillful and stylish one! And I was hypnotized by him.
Don't you guys think his biceps getting thicker these days? ;)

You wanna see how bad I was captivated by him? I never recorded videos during concerts, not even once. But this time, yes! And I never bother about uploading videos via Youtube, but video uploader here hates me! Its all because of you, Jonghun! 나쁜 남자~

And these are few clips taken from the VTR played.
my Jonghun who loves camera, and kinda obsessed with himself! hahaa
The stylista wannabe :D
Manly type, exercising whatsoever, yet sleep wearing cutie PJs! oh dear LOL
Learn English to communicate with fans all over the world, but hang off the phone when he heard English words LOL
and this one, very obsess with electronic devices. That means this @skullhong can easily update his status in Twitter! Wohooo.

They then sang few acoustic version songs including I Confess when not just Hongki, but all of them sang! ALL! including Jonghun. omg.

The concert ended. But fans were chanting and screaming for encore. They came back on stage, and guess what, they sang their debut song Love Sick, and Until You Come Back! Two songs that made me fall in love with this group 4 years back then! I was so speechless and was about to cry. I never expect they would sing these two. Ok liar, you can hear me screamed out of my chest despite having a cough. gosh. *facepalm*

And they ended it with Like A Bird. Perfect.

So before I stop, I leave this lovely Jonghun and the boys here. DO NOT STARE TOO LONG! credit photo: saffiyah.

I couldn't stop smiling on my way back home eventhough I was lost, trapped in traffic jam whereabout. But trust me, it was worth it.
Thanks to this man. chu~♥!
and all of the boys. FT Island, please please pleaseeeeee come to Malaysia again!

cause Malaysian Prims love you guys! :)

  Aftereffect of the concert, I play their old songs over and over again for one whole day. Watching my fancam recorded gives butterflies in my stomach, especially Jonghun's solo guitar part (and his sexy biceps!) and of course big laugh with my attitude during concert. Hectic weihh! Jatuh saham seribu ringgit! :p

I think I'm gonna get a copy of FT Island concert after this.

Btw, if you like Jonghun, enjoy this one. I'm pretty sure you're gonna fly high to the moon! :) credit to: Nina 

de Primadonna,


Azimiza said...

Hai... I pon pergi concert ni tp sampai lambat. Mintak izin nak letak gambar kat blog (with your link of coz) ^_^. Forever prim!

AYApunyaCINTA said...

Hi azimiza! yeah sure, silakan ;)

Anonymous said...

awesome kan?

rasanya citer pasal konsert ni sampai ke cucu saya pun masih nak citer lagi.

ayapunyacinta said...

yeahh it was!

how i miss their performances!