Saturday, 21 January 2012

21.02.12: the launch of 'the Scarf Royale' line.

Salaam and hello peeps! My new business partner, Filla and I finally managed to create blog and facebook page to promote our new line 'the Scarf Royale' and officially launched it this evening, 21.01.12! Alhamdulillah.

'Hey ladies! Introducing our Royal Satin Scarf takes the fashion trend from Arabic countries, turns it into a fashionable feminine scarf for hijabist! Enrich your look with our soft luxurious feel of printed satin scarves. You will love it. Let's shop here!'

I happen to adore these scarves from the first time I took it out from the boxes arrived. I was planning to grab at least 5 pieces for myself, but mum stopped me and said 'If you take all of these, what's left for your customers to buy?' Ok fine, she was right. I grabbed one. 

These are a few of our collections. I personally think that these scarves are suitable for working professional to look exclusive and gorgeous! 

To be honest, business is not my thing. But it just happen because I want to share these beautiful love-in-the-first-sight scarves with women out there who I think they deserve to know.

So if you're interested, you can click 'like' on our facebook page HERE or visit our blog at for more patterns. You will definitely love it, trust me ;)

With love,

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