Monday, 30 January 2012

Sungha Jung, the awesome guitarist.

I happen to notice this kid when I saw a friend of mine posted this Yiruma's 'Kiss the Rain' cover on Facebook. Each of Yiruma's piano masterpieces are indeed indescribably splendid, but to make an acoustic guitar cover version with full of emotion is something worth applauding. Nay, he's worth everything!

I have to admit, I clicked on the video because he is Korean, plus he plays guitar which I admire. But you better watch it yourself and judge.

Another lovely piece I love, Twilight by Kotaro Oshio. Definitely left me in awe.

Check out his jwcfree's channel on Youtube for more soothing music. Or you can check out his website at  What am I now, a promoter? hahaa

May your dream to become a professional acoustic fingerstyle guitarist comes true, Sungha!

P.s. Why oh why am I only realize your existence now, kid?

P.s.p.s. I thought Aizat's Sungai Lui would win AJL last night.. But Alyah's Kisah Hati was really impressive! She gave it all. Not only the dolly prop, although I've seen that idea before. overall. and Remy Ishak ;)

With love,

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Enjoyed myself alone.

I... I... accidentally deleted this entry! oh dear. I need to recall what I wrote before. Breath in, breath out.

Hola! While seeping a cup of hot Nescafe, here I am again rambling about boring me spent my day whereabout. When everybody started to go to work after CNY holiday, I spent my day alone to KLCC. Yes, alone. I was planning to go 'window shopping' at OU or Mid Valley, but this lack-of-sense-direction person forgot to bring GPS with her. And she can start calling herself nenek. Sad but true, I think I really can't live without GPS. The only place I can go without it is KLCC. and Festival City. ohh and Wangsawalk. Poor me, aite? fufuuu.

I walked around, passed by Galeri Petronas and saw 'Capturing Malaysia Through the Years' art exhibition, I decided to get in. Well, it's not like it was my first time enter the exhibition, alone.

It actually features 54 selected images taken through the lenses of photojournalists and featured in The Star newspaper. These images have immortalized historical and significant moments in Malaysia for the last four decades.

These are artifacts from all over the world. Aye, taking photos are prohibited and couple of pak guards were there looking at me astonishingly staring at the artifacts made of gold for minutes!
So if you are interested in journalism, photography or a combination of both, photojournalism, this is a must-go event, so mark your calendar now! This exhibition is only until 18 March 2012.

I walked and looked around again, and saw this corner where visitors can write down their wishes about love and life, and stick it here.
I patiently wait until everybody was gone, and wrote mine. oh malu hehee
After burned some calories, I added up more by eating Red Velvet cake and Caramel Coffee ice blended! It tasted good, but just imagine if only they reheat it in microwave, that would be splendid! I think the one that we made the other day was yummi-er than this one. Ok ok, eventhough we used premix flour! >.<
Do you ever encounter problem like low self-esteem when you enter ridiculously expensive brand boutiques like LV, Gucci etc? At a point when the doorman opened the door for you, you feel like red bloody hair female workers were staring at you and follow you around and treated like you can't afford to pay. Pfft whatever. Well, I do have that kind of feelings, once in a while. Tips, put a smile and walk in confidently, you will be fine!

Oh btw, I just realized that Anya Hindmarch is now available at KLCC! Oh ok am I the only one late here? I walked inside and reached a very tiny yet cute coin purse and look at the tag, RM980! gasped. But I'm eye-ing for one of the handbags! >,< I then walked into COACH boutique and saw exactly the same purse I'm using now bought in the USA, but at price RM1,250. Gulp. and gasped again. Now I know why people value COACH so much!

Seems like the words 'window shopping' never exist in my dictionary. I then decided to go to Festival City pampered myself with new haircut and bought a bowl for planting at cheap price, currently placed it in my bathroom. Planning to bring to the office and put in on my table. I can imagine how my colleagues will comment on it, in Chinese dialect, "You arr, very different you know. All engineers here arr, have documents and drawings full on their table. Yours like this arr, each time I passed by I thought you want to quit" ahahaa really? 

When I arrived home, I had these kids to help me washed my car since I have a meeting to attend on the next day. That's why Aunty Yan loves you kids! >,<
With love,

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

This is how I spent my Chinese New Year holiday.

 Salaam and hello peeps! Hope it is still not to late to wish my Chinese friends and colleagues, GONG XI FA CAI! Its great to have multiple races celebrating multiple festivals, don't you think so? And most important is, multiple holidays yeay! 

Well, this ignorant single woman only spent her holiday with her family, but still, she had great fun!
We drove all the way from KL to Temerloh, Pahang bandar ikan patin and had Ikan Patin masak tempoyak for lunch! 
Ikan patin masak tempoyak nyum nyum.  

 and this is ikan patin bakar. This one tasted good!

On our way back to KL, we stopped by at Lipur Lentang Waterfall to survey the place if we can come back for our picnic plan the next day. But yea, not so bad..

And of course, eat this 'aiskrim roti' is a must! 

* * * * *
 The next day, we went picnic as planned, but this time at Ulu Yam, Selangor.
We arrived around 11.30 a.m. and yeah, it was packed with people. But we managed to find a spot next to a warmhearted family who gave us foods.  

I think this was the reason of their kindness. We only had nuggets, sandwiches and kuih-muih. hahaa 
 No, not really. We actually had these delicious Nasi Lemak and pulut durian prepared by mum! 

Here, our beloved and skillful masterchef, Puan Zainun and bibik, tengah posing.
Sakit pinggang yer?? 
 Aina was showing off her swimming skill she learned. "Aunty Yan, wrong! Not like that, like this!" hahaa okay fine, Aina!
 Alif the macho boy takut air! hishhh.

 This 100% Cheeky Ariff didn't want to go back home.

Danish was trying hard to hide his tummy. hahaa

It wasn't that great isn't it? But better than what I planned; stay at home -boringgggg, read novels -done with Julia Quinn's, uninteresting novels left, watch k-dramas -watched all of it, seriously, do sewing project -incomplete sewing kit, and bake cakes and cookies -I'm on diet. hahaa kidding. Much better. Well, I wonder how did you spend your this CNY holiday?

 With love,

Saturday, 21 January 2012

21.02.12: the launch of 'the Scarf Royale' line.

Salaam and hello peeps! My new business partner, Filla and I finally managed to create blog and facebook page to promote our new line 'the Scarf Royale' and officially launched it this evening, 21.01.12! Alhamdulillah.

'Hey ladies! Introducing our Royal Satin Scarf takes the fashion trend from Arabic countries, turns it into a fashionable feminine scarf for hijabist! Enrich your look with our soft luxurious feel of printed satin scarves. You will love it. Let's shop here!'

I happen to adore these scarves from the first time I took it out from the boxes arrived. I was planning to grab at least 5 pieces for myself, but mum stopped me and said 'If you take all of these, what's left for your customers to buy?' Ok fine, she was right. I grabbed one. 

These are a few of our collections. I personally think that these scarves are suitable for working professional to look exclusive and gorgeous! 

To be honest, business is not my thing. But it just happen because I want to share these beautiful love-in-the-first-sight scarves with women out there who I think they deserve to know.

So if you're interested, you can click 'like' on our facebook page HERE or visit our blog at for more patterns. You will definitely love it, trust me ;)

With love,

Sunday, 15 January 2012

PLAY! FT Island Concert live in Malaysia 2012.

Event: PLAY! FT Island Concert live in Malaysia 2012.
Venue: Stadium Negara, Kuala Lumpur.
Date: 14.01.2012 at 8.30 p.m.
Fanclub & colour theme: the yellow-ish Primadonnas!

After Korean Music Waves concert was held in September 2011, FT Island once again hit Malaysia with freeeaaaking awesome PLAY! FT Island concert!

I was at first didn't have the ticket and wasted about RM10 trying to win 8tvnitelive contest, but.. big sigh. *Abang Baki you better let me win next time! :D* In fact, I really wanna see my handsome bias Choi Jonghun the DOLL, in real life! Well, although I've seen him once. I've tried to buy the ticket, but all affordable tickets were sold out! Another big sigh. So I was planning to stalk them from the airport to the hotel like what I did during ZE:A came to Malaysia. You can check it here.

But once again, they arrived when I was busy working at the office, on Friday! Sigh, life as a working fangirl is indeed hard. After watched their arrival at KLIA via various fancams, and a friend of mine tweeted me Jonghun's photo during fanmeet, I was sooooo meroyan the night before the concert. The fact that I heard they were scheduled heading to Singapore right after the concert, my plan was ruined.Totally ruined!

When I was about to give up, one kindhearted friend suggested me to check on 'MY FT Island', *thank you Nik Tim!* then only I realized few fans were selling off the tickets! So, I grabbed the cheapest ticket at RM100 instead of RM151! Thank you Israh for the ticket!

So, tadaaaaa, FT Island concert! Yes, I went alone. I sat next to few random but very cool fans and we shouted their names together in count 1,2,3 several times! crazehh people. When FT Island appeared on stage for the first time, I saw Jonghun, and shouted "Jonghun-aaaa~, nuna wasseoooooooooo!" Fyuhhh. I felt so relief. Felt like the promise I made to Jonghun to see him live on stage again has been fulfilled!

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy new year 2012.

Wish that New Year 2012 brings everlasting glow of happiness, merriment and good to all of us. InsyaAllah.

"We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called 'Opportunity' and its first chapter is New Year's Day."- Edith Lovejoy Pierce

With love,