Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Wishlist for 2012.

New year, new wishes. I have an equally long list of wishes to achieve this coming new year 2012. But seems like I have to bring part of 2011 wishes a year forward. No, not just a part, but almost all of it. Let's check this out!

Except for the last wish, a big change in my life. Wear hijab, atleast this is the only wish comes true, Alhamdulillah. And I don't regret it. The rest, urghh.. no comment!

Oh well, these is my new wish list for year 2012.

1. New lifestyle. I bought the shoes for myself to jog during weekends. But for this coming new year I wish I can lead a healthy lifestyle, jog early in the morning before off to work. I WISH. *dreamland*

2. Reduce caffeine intake. I'm actually addicted to coffee and believe it or not I'm expert in preparing the best coffee among my relatives and family. Even my aunties will come to visit just to taste a cup of coffee I made! But yea, I think I should give up coffee by make it 3~5 cups a week instead of a cup everyday? We'll see.

3. Be more serious in my job. Yes, this is it. My job requires me to be more responsible to assure public safety and welfare. Although somehow it will be so stressful when dealing with clients and meeting deadline for submission, but I have so many things to learn and experience it myself. Aye, I'm starting to love my job. At least for now.

4. Settle loans. Since I have a stable job now, its time for me to think about settling the debts I made during diploma years, and live a blissful life.

4. Learn sewing. Yes, until I can design my own clothes and sew favourite baju kurung on my own!

5. Learn French. No reason, just because I love to learn it.

6. Learn to play piano. I adore people who can play piano well and maybe its gonna be hard to learn at this age, but I just wanna give it a try. Atleast until I can play one love song for my future boy heheheehee.

7. Further master studies. I'm still looking forward for this, but not really sure when its gonna be, this coming new year or another few years later.. but InsyaAllah. 

8. Go travel overseas. I wanna add more countries in my passport and for this coming 2012 is within Asia, perhaps.

9. Start looking for the best husband candidate. Ok I no longer gonna highlight looking for a boyfriend since I'm turning 26 next year and I think I'm ready. Most of my friends are married and I somehow feel jelly with their happy wedding life. Am I ready? Really? ;p 

10. Buy a new car. The only material thing in my wish list. I have a model in my mind but if I type it here, I'm afraid my sister will get mad. hehehee

You see, my wish list is all about learn this and that. Probably this is the impact of getting older. I turn 26 next year oh dear! But I still wish to become a better person, and be near to Allah s.w.t. InsyaAllah. I wonder what's yours?

With love,

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