Thursday, 15 December 2011

Roadtax renewal without registration card.

Hello peeps! Ok quick update. Straight to the point since it is weekday, I need to sleep early :p

Some tips on how to renew your car roadtax without registration card or geran kereta in case you lost the geran like me *noob* Its so easy you can do it over the phone and online!

First; Call your insurance agent e.g. Etiqa Insurance and tell them that you need to do roadtax renewal. Bare in mind that you need to renew your insurance in the first place. In my case, my roadtax expired more than a month, so nak tak nak I have to renew my insurance and roadtax on the same day! Can you imagine how dangerous it was to drive without roadtax with big hope and pray not to get caught by abang polis! If the roadtax is not yet expired, you will be given a week or depends on the expiry date of your roadtax.

Second; The agent will send the email or fax the form for you to fill in, and give it to them back together with your copied IC.

Third; Insurance agent will tell you to do the renewal shortly or after 2 p.m. or etc. Then when the time comes, just click myeg website, and you will realize your insurance has been updated. Then, just fill in a few particular information for delivery purpose, pay for the roadtax e.g. Maybank2u, click submit and DONE! You will receive your roadtax on the next day, in front of your doorsteps! How great is that? No more reason to take annual leave just to do the renewal hahaa!

Just received mine today! lalalalaa~

P.s. Btw thank you to the kindhearted drivers who gave 'highbeam's sign on roadblock in front of my way back home. You gave me a chance to escape from Encik polis. Thank you sooooooooo much! ;)

[UPDATED] this is written in 2011. I've renewed roadtax this year, and guess what, you can actually renew the insurance online, no more faxing and emailing! but make sure you have all the details such as engine nos etc.

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