Friday, 23 December 2011

Top 5 2011 moments to remember.

Hi everyone! 2011, an incredible year comes to an end! Too many things happened, all emotions mixed up. I may lost my half of 2011 just like that, but my another half of 2011 is considered a great achievement for me, atleast.

Five: I can forget about all my past birthdays but not this year. I've turn quarter of the century for god sake! This is when I officially have to stop treating myself as a teenager, but as a WOMAN! hahaa well, not really.

Four: Watch 2PM concert for the first time in my life! I met so many k-pop idols this year e.g. Jang Geun Seok, U-Kiss, FT Island, Teen Top, 4Minute, Park Jungmin, Seungri, GD&Top; but nothing can compare with 2PM. To see these boys live on stage with my naked eyes, it feels like my life as k-pop fan since 2007 is complete.
and of course attended Super Junior's concert for the second time..
because of my BB Kim Heechul! ♥.♥

Three: Added another stamp in my passport, visited the USA! 2 weeks trip with my family to attend my lil sister's graduation day in Illinois and skipped my own graduation ceremony! Crazy, but aye, who can resist

the mesmerizing Illinois?

the captivated view of Chicago?

the amazing Beverly Hills?

the panoramic view of Santa Monica Beach?

the glamourous Hollywood?
and branded SHOPPING HEAVEN? Me? NAY!

Two: My graduation day! A bit regret that I didn't attend my own graduation day but still, my student life is complete with a degree scroll received from

No, not from U of I but
Universiti Teknologi MARA! and I'm proud of it ;)

One: And turn now to the future and career, I am finally an engineer, a registered one.
For the next 2012, may Allah s.w.t. bless all of us with happiness, togetherness, love and laughter. oh btw, I'm working on a new project with my friend. Coming soon! Happy New Year, everyone. Till next year, bye! ;)

Lotsa love,

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Wishlist for 2012.

New year, new wishes. I have an equally long list of wishes to achieve this coming new year 2012. But seems like I have to bring part of 2011 wishes a year forward. No, not just a part, but almost all of it. Let's check this out!

Except for the last wish, a big change in my life. Wear hijab, atleast this is the only wish comes true, Alhamdulillah. And I don't regret it. The rest, urghh.. no comment!

Oh well, these is my new wish list for year 2012.

1. New lifestyle. I bought the shoes for myself to jog during weekends. But for this coming new year I wish I can lead a healthy lifestyle, jog early in the morning before off to work. I WISH. *dreamland*

2. Reduce caffeine intake. I'm actually addicted to coffee and believe it or not I'm expert in preparing the best coffee among my relatives and family. Even my aunties will come to visit just to taste a cup of coffee I made! But yea, I think I should give up coffee by make it 3~5 cups a week instead of a cup everyday? We'll see.

3. Be more serious in my job. Yes, this is it. My job requires me to be more responsible to assure public safety and welfare. Although somehow it will be so stressful when dealing with clients and meeting deadline for submission, but I have so many things to learn and experience it myself. Aye, I'm starting to love my job. At least for now.

4. Settle loans. Since I have a stable job now, its time for me to think about settling the debts I made during diploma years, and live a blissful life.

4. Learn sewing. Yes, until I can design my own clothes and sew favourite baju kurung on my own!

5. Learn French. No reason, just because I love to learn it.

6. Learn to play piano. I adore people who can play piano well and maybe its gonna be hard to learn at this age, but I just wanna give it a try. Atleast until I can play one love song for my future boy heheheehee.

7. Further master studies. I'm still looking forward for this, but not really sure when its gonna be, this coming new year or another few years later.. but InsyaAllah. 

8. Go travel overseas. I wanna add more countries in my passport and for this coming 2012 is within Asia, perhaps.

9. Start looking for the best husband candidate. Ok I no longer gonna highlight looking for a boyfriend since I'm turning 26 next year and I think I'm ready. Most of my friends are married and I somehow feel jelly with their happy wedding life. Am I ready? Really? ;p 

10. Buy a new car. The only material thing in my wish list. I have a model in my mind but if I type it here, I'm afraid my sister will get mad. hehehee

You see, my wish list is all about learn this and that. Probably this is the impact of getting older. I turn 26 next year oh dear! But I still wish to become a better person, and be near to Allah s.w.t. InsyaAllah. I wonder what's yours?

With love,

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Rainbow cake.

Ok we baked Traffic light Rainbow cake this week. Not so rainbow since we were so lazy to make it 7 colours. And again for our baking project this week we used ready mix flour. Not because we are pemalas but its easier and quick! On top of that, any cake sah-sah menjadik! hehee. * Have to admit the pemalas part, too :p *

It's so easy just add eggs, milk and butter, mix it all together, divide it into a few parts, add colours.. and bake part by part! Ok its not that easy...
 Yahh! yahh! yahh!

The fattening cream part;
250 g butter
600 g icing sugar
1 tsp vanilla essence
 Emm? Rainbow cake? Alif is anticipating the result!

Tadaaaaaa! look pretty isn't it? but honestly, the taste is just so-so. hahaa But since this is our first attempt, I think we should try again next time with complete colours VIBGYOR! tapi tengok tahap kerajinan..

With love,

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Roadtax renewal without registration card.

Hello peeps! Ok quick update. Straight to the point since it is weekday, I need to sleep early :p

Some tips on how to renew your car roadtax without registration card or geran kereta in case you lost the geran like me *noob* Its so easy you can do it over the phone and online!

First; Call your insurance agent e.g. Etiqa Insurance and tell them that you need to do roadtax renewal. Bare in mind that you need to renew your insurance in the first place. In my case, my roadtax expired more than a month, so nak tak nak I have to renew my insurance and roadtax on the same day! Can you imagine how dangerous it was to drive without roadtax with big hope and pray not to get caught by abang polis! If the roadtax is not yet expired, you will be given a week or depends on the expiry date of your roadtax.

Second; The agent will send the email or fax the form for you to fill in, and give it to them back together with your copied IC.

Third; Insurance agent will tell you to do the renewal shortly or after 2 p.m. or etc. Then when the time comes, just click myeg website, and you will realize your insurance has been updated. Then, just fill in a few particular information for delivery purpose, pay for the roadtax e.g. Maybank2u, click submit and DONE! You will receive your roadtax on the next day, in front of your doorsteps! How great is that? No more reason to take annual leave just to do the renewal hahaa!

Just received mine today! lalalalaa~

P.s. Btw thank you to the kindhearted drivers who gave 'highbeam's sign on roadblock in front of my way back home. You gave me a chance to escape from Encik polis. Thank you sooooooooo much! ;)

[UPDATED] this is written in 2011. I've renewed roadtax this year, and guess what, you can actually renew the insurance online, no more faxing and emailing! but make sure you have all the details such as engine nos etc.

With love,

Sunday, 4 December 2011

New layout, new header.

What do you think about my new blog header and layout? 

I created this on my own, can you believe it?? I mixed up everything that I love to do, from traveling to decorating. Do you love it? I hope you do because I was planning to launch it *launch it? whatever pfft :p* to celebrate this coming new year 2012, but yeah.. blinkk, here it is!

P.s. Now that I look at it, I just realized I didn't put anything about concerts or K-pop related OTL 

P.s.p.s I re-edited it. Do you spot something? hehee

With love,

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Red velvet cupcakes.

Hello everyone! I got so much time to kill since am not gonna attend k-pop MO.A concert this week *sad but true* due to pokai tahap maksima after attended concert after concert eventhough Super Junior is here! menyedapkan hati, my bias Kim Heechul is not here, so it's ok. well, not really. 

Oh ok such a long explanation.. well, well, well. my project for this week, I baked yummy red velvet cupcakes!

Topping (for a dozen of cupcakes):

8 oz of cream cheese. 
1/4 cup of butter.
1 cup icing sugar.
1 ts vanilla essence.

Sorry its not that I don't want to give out the recipe, but because of this. 

My sis brought this back from USA. Blame her :p

With love,