Friday, 4 November 2011

VM workshop and a.. gay? I don't know. sigh.

I MISSED BLOGGING!!!!! seriously. I never felt like this before. I feel like wanna scream and mencaci maki semua benda now but I don't know why. Sorry I'm mixing this up with Bahasa Melayu cause I just feel like it and wanna give it a try. Excuse me.

So this week I've been assigned by my malay boss to join the Value Management workshop together with boss and few colleagues represent C&S consulting engineers for a big project of new development for UiTM Puncak Alam campus. It involved with UiTM, UKAS, EPU and consultants e.g. C&S engineers, M&E engineers, architects, landscape designers etc.

The workshop was held at Equatorial Hotel, Bangi for 5 days, from 8.30 a.m. till 11 p.m! Can you imagine how exhausting it was? Semua beku! But I actually enjoyed my working days like this compared to stay at the office facing the pathetic boss. Nothing can compare with that! Kak Aisyah and me were actually staying at the hotel and enjoyed the privilege given by our beloved boss. Heehe

So I met so many people and it was a great experience to have. I met our deputy dean and now a PNC Puncak Alam, Prof Suhaimi and he remembered me. *Siap gosok kepala I lagi macam member plak* He gave me some advice and somehow I feel glad that I choose to gain working experiences now.

I said I enjoyed it so much, and I really did. Because I had a crush on someone. HAD. I guess. This is the whole story of it. There was two handsome guys represented architect consultant. Not so handsome, korean-like or something, but handsome enough to make me realized their existence. Actually, memang handsome pun. Architect pulak! kyaa~ Since the first one was way too handsome, so I aimed for the second one.So, you know what happened when this pathetic, desperate single woman met a handsome guy like him? Stare. I think I stared at him a way bit too much sebab I rabun, eventually he was doing the same thing since our tables were facing each others, cuma jarak sikit lar. but still.. comel hahaa. So we were like staring at each other when we got nothing to do.

Nak dijadikan cerita, during lunch at Japanese restaurant on the second day, after we took the foods and were looking at empty seats, we decided to sit at 4 empty seats left since the other 2 seats were taken (ade orang chop dengan pinggan). So I sat in between Kak Aisyah and the unknown plate owner. When I started to eat, these 2 archi guys came closer and closer. (And yeah, korean drama time! go grab your snacks now!) He was the owner. I repeat, he was the owner! Can you imagine that????? And he sat next to me.

I was flustered and nervous and blushing and and and.. couldn't even hold chopsticks nicely. Foods fell back on my plate. The sushis, teppanyaki, everything tasted nothing. His handsome friend who was seating in front of him suddenly started talking. A big turn off when I heard him, sounded like a bit lembut! Urghhh handsome man with tough body, but why?

Then he looked at both of us and realized something, and smiled. "Hey, u ada kawan baru." He said that to his friend yang I admire sampai tak lalu makan tu. And pointed at me. (Another korean drama momento!) We both are lefthanded, coincidentally! hahaa. But obviously, I couldn't say and do anything since my 2nd boss was seating in front of me. bohoooo~ I smiled. and smiled. and smiled. I didn't talk to him or even look at him. I was memaki hamun myself on twitter for not being able to speak a word when I was given the chance. My friends on twitter were supporting me like crazy with 'Go Aya Go!'. But yea, pabo me, I know.But then when workshop started for the second, third, fifth, twelve session, we looked at each other again when we had chances. During breakfast, lunch, dinner, we were always trying to find a place where we were facing each other.

In the morning of the fourth day workshop, he wore a smart 'kotak-kotak' outfits and a bit tight and the lines followed the shape of his tough body, revealed his bare tough arms. *drooling session hahaa* Meanwhile his 'lembut' friend wore a plain tight one. Not only me, but Kak Aisyah also realized that his 'lembut' friend changed his outfits to the 'kotak-kotak' one after lunch. I don't know why but I think something fishy. I was thinking deeply, 'Are they gay couple?' I tried not to think about it, but it seems like that.

When I asked my male colleagues, they were like "Lain macam je dua orang ni." I mean yea, mane ade lelaki ikut lelaki went to the toilet together. But by looking the way his 'lembut' friend talked, I don't think he's straight. Then I realize, they always sat together. Ate together. Worked together. Whispered and talked to each other. Even wore the same outfit design! And they barely talked to women. Damn. He is gay. DAMNNNNNNNNN!

I was so freaking out that night, it was so frustrating to see them, handsome face with nice body but... GAY. Urghhhhhhhh! I ended up mandi bubble that night, released everything, my feelings, frustration and the big pressure on my head! The next day was the final day. I didn't pay attention to him and pretended busy and did something else.

I don't know if he's really a gay, or only his friend is a gay or none of them are gay. I don't know. And I don't want to know.

Orang kuciwa! :p

P.s. Honestly, I do want to know. I don't mind if he says he has a girlfriend. but not boyfriend.

P.s.p.s. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

With love,

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