Saturday, 26 November 2011

Super Gorgeous Workshop.

I received a voucher
to attend Super Gorgeous workshop when I bought this Puff de Cheek (bought it only because it is super cute, seriously!) held by Majolica Majorca, Tsubaki and Aqualabel by Shiseido at Cititel Mid Valley last Saturday. They gave some beauty tips on how to do make-up and hair tips for girls and handed goodie bag worth RM80 to the participants!
These are some important tips given during the session. At least these are the things I still remember or concentrate with. The other things, you probably knew it ;)

+ Always keep the daily skin care routines; washing, toning and moisturizing your face TWICE a day.
+ Sleeping during 'golden hour' is needed to get a beautiful skin. its between 10p.m. till 2a.m.
+ To wash your face, you have to make foam instead of apply it directly to your face.
+ Wash your hair everyday, with conditioner.
+ Don't scratch your head with fingernails or you may end up admitted to the hospital. seriously!
+ Like your face, you have to make foam before apply the shampoo to your hair.
+ Our hair is always exposed to the sun, or lights. So apply hair mask every week is necessary, and hair treatment is needed once a month.
Luck was never on my side whenever it comes to lucky draw. NEVER. I was like "ohh, they will never call my number definitely." But for the first time in my life, my number has been announced to receive a 2nd place lucky gift worth RM150! and of course together with doorgift worth RM80. Alhamdulillah.. yeayy!Thank you Majolica Majorca, Aqualabel and Tsubaki for the gifts!

With love,


atiqah said...

hello darl seronoknya dapat pergi event seperti ini. :)

AYApunyaCINTA said...

ohh hi atiqah! not bad laa. but if u da tau basic makeup n everything, this kind of workshop x perlu kot ;)

Anonymous said...

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