Saturday, 12 November 2011

그 남자, 그 여자.

SHE shouldn't...

have sat opposite him all days.
have looked at him intensely, on purpose.
have made eye-contact with him during meals.
have made him realized her existence.
have coincidentally sat next to him that day.
have realized they're both lefthanded.
deny what she thinks about his true self.

And this Miss Engineer falls in love with Mr Architect..

Because of those lame histories she doesn't have the guts to admit it, but if she's given another chance to meet him again, that's DESTINY.
If not, they're just not meant to be.

"Such as we are made of, such we be" - Shakespeare William

With love,


KizZ said...

Aish...tak faham..

AYApunyaCINTA said...

ohh sorry blog i ade bersambung2 dari entry yang sebelum2nye. maybe that's why u tak faham. lagipun mmg i sengaja tanak kasi orang faham hee