Saturday, 26 November 2011

2PM Hands Up Asia Tour in Malaysia 2011.

Event: 2PM Hands Up Asia Tour in Malaysia 2011

Date: 25.11.2011
Venue: Stadium Negara
Time: 8.30 p.m. till 10.30 p.m.

Ok testing 1.2.3. Aaaa, aaaa~ Ehemm! I woke up in the morning and my voice cracked! Yesterday's 2PM concert was totally awesomeeeeeeeeee. Ok I know I said the same thing when I go to the other concerts, but seriously this one was more than that! What is the right word to describe something more than awesome? Hmm I don't know. If you know, let me know.
muka berminyak-minyak boleh buat masak!

Anyway anyway anyway, maybe because 2PM is one of my favourite group, and I used to be so fanatic, joined HOTTEST activities and flash mob for this group back then, and I know most of the songs and able to dance and sing along with them, and of course being able to meet my bias Chansung maknae live for the first time in my life, I was extremely excited, and hyper!

As soon as Fathy, Aloya and I arrived at the stadium around 5.30 p.m., we rushed up to get the tickets bought by MYHottest admin. Everybody was starting to queue up and it was so hard to get through them and reach her since, I didn't have her number! hahaa bagus. Thank god some Hottests look so familiar and very kindly told me where and how I can reach her.

Then I met few Hottests who I never met before, only follow them on twitter. Meeting them was kinda refreshing and I didn't feel awkward at all! The aura of Hottests! Anyway, thanks so much Admin Lumos for buying the ticket for me! hip hip horray!

We were only able to enter the stadium at 8 p.m. Although my seat was the cheapest one *free seating, no money left after attended few concerts before sob sob* but the view was clear enough since that stadium with 4,000 capacity is much smaller compared to Stadium Bukit Jalil. I still able to see Chansung stripped his cloth! oh. my. god.
The lights turned off, the colourful lightsticks were glowing through the darkness!

Oh before I start with this and that, some of you probably are clueless who is who. So introducing... dididididididididididiii *drums*

Ok Taecyeon!
Kim Junsu!
Jang Wooyoung!
Lee Junho!
And last but not least, my bias, maknae Hwang Chansung! ♥ ♥ ♥
So these are the list of the performances they presented that night:

+ Electricity+ Hands Up + Tired of Waiting+ Be My Side - Junho and Wooyoung
+ I Can't+ Give It to Me+ Dance2Night+ My Valentine - Nickhun and Taecyeon
Chansung's sword demostration
VTR: Jeonggam's story

This is something you guys should watch! Its so funny I can't stop laughing watching it. Click here to watch.
Jeonggamie story 2, pinpointed crazy things about every single one of the members. Chansung was shown being bad at martial arts.

Junho had a very pervert dream and wrote a song, but JYP rejected it, because the lyrics were too pervy (junho was like, ey, but he always writes perv lyrics himself), and only after 50 rewrites, Give it to me finally was put into the album.

Taec was shown too obsessed with his OkCat, selling t-shirts that no one would buy.

Wooyoung supposedly believed that MJ was still alive and he would dance on stage one day with him XD He “sent” a letter to Michael in USA and the manager was like: oh hey wooyoungah, you received a letter from abroad, Wooyoung: yaaaaaay~ opens letter and there’s only: THANK YOU! (manager’s joke).

Junsu was shown being very into composing, and saving up his money to buy the right instruments, he was also very happy to see a “composer” written next to his profile on naver lol.

Khun was supposed to be training and not eating, but he ate all the pizza while guys left to watch miss A’s comeback. When they came back Taec was like: :( Good-bye~ pizza good-bye~~ taken from here.
+ I'll Be Back
+ I Hate You+ Back 2 U+ Alive - Junsu
+ Without U
+ Only U+ I Don't Know+ 10 Out of 10+ Talk
+ Again and Again+ Don't Stop Can't Stop
+ Heartbeat+ Thank You+ I'm Your Man (Japanese)
+ Encore: 10 Out of 10 + Hands Up remix!
So, the concert was over. Auwww~ I really can't get enough of it. The best part was when Taecyeon jumped off from the stage, went upstairs very near to our seats! I was hoping he's gonna come closer to hold his hand or.. or.. hmm.. but the Hottests started to run after him. Missed it! But really, he is so tall.. and tough!

And and and the part when Chansung stripped off his cloth at the end of the concert and threw it to the fans at rockpitt! Channie aa~ this noona can only scream 'Andwaeeeeeee' from far. ㅠ.ㅠ

Junsu talked in English a lot, but somehow I couldn't understand his American slang. He either talked too fast or errr.. you know, rambling nonsense. hehee but nice try, Junsu. Keep it up!

And Junho with his promise "Saya akan 'balik' lagi" was too cute! Am I the only one think that he directly translated those words from "I'll be back" using google translator? hahaa

Spotted; Nickhun's family was also at the concert that night together with his grandmother! How cool was that! Everybody was so excited to see them and screamed out of their lungs, and I bet they dreamed to greet them as.. future-in-law? hahaa

The sweetest part when they were throwing flowers to the Hottests down there, we can only look and put on sympathetic face. Then only Wooyoung realized it, he waved and gave heart to me. cough. I mean us :p
Some Hottests were given a bottle of soap to make bubbles during 'Thank You' by MYHottest cooperating with 2oneday. But I'm not sure if they realize it.. It was hard since the bubbles somehow didn't come out!

Now that I finally met my favourite boys 2PM with my naked eyes, it feels like my life as k-pop fan since 2007 is coming to the end. It feels like I can retire now.

Oh dear, not yet. NOT YET.
Oh and I met this awesome host, Baki from 8tv. I grabbed this chance to say Hi although I already met him outside the stadium and did say Hi too. He's one of the fan boy, y'all!

de Hottest,


Sarah said...

Ooh. You said Taec jumped off from the stage? Totally missed that.

Natasha MDG said...

bestnye. bestnye. bestnye.
rugi lah tak dapat pergi. suke sangat dkt chansung tp tak suke style rambut dia yg mcm tu.


AYApunyaCINTA said...

oh that. yes! He particularly ran upstairs on right side before fans started to chase him and been blocked by RELA. I should run after him earlier. urghh!

AYApunyaCINTA said...

Natasha: best best BEST! chansung was so naughty stripping infront of us! tp i rase rambut die panjang begitu comel, for me la. hee

amy mya said...

bestnyee , :D

AYApunyaCINTA said...

read yours. you were at the rock pitt, lucky you! ;)