Saturday, 1 October 2011

Yoy & Wan’s wedding day.

Housemate, coursemate and also classmate since diploma programme, Yoy from Ipoh surprised me with a wedding invitation card arrived at my house. This no-longer-single-status is now Hazwan's wife, also a friend since diploma programme. Envy much? yea! These are some beautiful moments during their wedding day held at Hotel Sri Malaysia, Ipoh.

So now, Yoy quit her job here and is moving to Sarawak in another few days, to follow the husband. Oh, yes husband. From Ipoh to Sarawak, but I know she will fit well living in Sarawak since her Bahasa Sarawak is perfectly good make people barely recognize her from Semenanjung! Wishing two wonderful people a happy life together, and bear a lot of cute twin babies! (Yes, Hazwan has a twin brother) Congratulations!

P.s Seeing my friends gey married one by one, I no longer looking for boyfriend, but husband. Anyone? ;)
P.s.p.s. On our way back home, Yoy gave a call mentioned that someone broke into their room and stole laptop, mobile phone etc that day. So guys, be careful on your wedding day!

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