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Korean Music Wave 2011 in Malaysia.

Korean Music Wave 2011 was awesome wehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Although we were entertained by only 7 lined-up from Korea, but it was still awesomeeeeeeeeee! I bet all Primadonnas (FT Island fans), VIPs (BigBang fans), KissMes (UKiss fans), 4Nias (4Minute fans), Angels (TeenTop fans) and TripleS (SS501’s Park Jung Min fans) really had a great time like I did!
So the event was held at Stadium Merdeka on 24th September 2011 supposed to start at 7 p.m. but at that time, we were still in the car looking for parking space! We were extremely late due to heavy traffic along the road (its KL afterall), plus, we entered the wrong way and lost! But thank god we were able to reach at the venue when they just started.

I brought two cameras that day, a LUMIX and digital camera in case for emergency. During bag checking I was asked to hand off the LUMIX because its considered as SLR. I was like, damn you its not SLR which part of it is SLR? ! I argued at first but of course jut let them win or I will be late to enter the place. So Fathy and I went to the counter and acted like I have already hand it off when I actually put it in my big pocket, and went inside without being caught! Yahoo! Thank you ‘poket doraemon’!

As we arrived at our seats, Kevin and Dongho of UKiss as guess emcees joining with Jeff Chin, a radio DJ from MY FM and DJ Young Kim from Arirang TV. My favourite and most anticipating idol that day is, FT Island!

The show kicked off with this five-member teen rock band (comprising Lee Hongki, Choi Jong Hun, Lee Jae Jin, Choi Min Hwan and Song Seung Hyun) singing Hello Hello, Love Love Love, Bad Woman, Bing Bing Bing and I Hope. I left my seat right away, ran to the front, screamed out of my lungs and sang along together. The guards were looking and yeah, who cares. I guess they were impressed to see us can sing Korean songs really well!
As FT Island frontman Hongki expertly worked the crowd, fans screamed “Jeremy!”, the adorable character he played in popular K-drama series You’re Beautiful. But my choice is, leader Choi Jong Hoon!
Coming here for the first time, six-member boyband Teen Top (comprising C.A.P, Chunji, L.Joe, Niel, Ricky and Changjo) did its best to impress with No More Perfume On You, Brushing, intro (47”) + Clap, Angel and Supa Luv.
Fan boys, who were probably outnumbered 10-to-1, had their turn screaming their lungs out for five-member girl group 4Minute (comprising Hyuna, Ji Hyun, Ga Yoon, Ji Yoon and So Hyun). Being the only female act, the luscious lasses strutted their grooves on Mirror Mirror, Heart To Heart, I My Me Mine, Muzik and Hot Issue.
Next up was seven-member boyband U-KISS (comprising Kevin, Dongho, Soohyun, Kiseop, Eli, AJ and Hoon) which got fans singing along to BingGeul BingGeul, Everyday, Never Land, 0330 and Man Man Ha Ni. The group was well-received considering the frequency of its visits here.
It’s been four years since Park Jung Min last came to Malaysia with the now-defunct boyband SS501. On this solo visit, he won many hearts when he fished out a crumpled little love note from his pocket and read it aloud.
Speaking in Mandarin and Malay, the lanky lad said he was elated to be in Malaysia and promised to do his best and went all out to please with Not Alone, Because It’s You, Every Day Is My Christmas, Missing You and my favourite, Let Go, his single from Princess Man OST!
By the time it was Big Bang’s turn to perform, the crowd was on their feet, with some perched on plastic chairs while others moved to the grass where they could bounce and groove freely.
Looking dashing in a suit, Big Bang’s Seungri got fans leaping with joy when he declared that “Malaysian fans are bagus”, then serenaded them with VVIP, What Can I Do and Strong Baby.
While the rest of the acts kept to a black-and-white theme, GD & TOP were a riot in their colourful outfits as they ran about the stage belting out High High, Oh Yeah and Knock Out. Making their debut performance here, the duo were pleasantly surprised that local fans could sing Korean songs.
Unfortunately when the last act GD&TOP started to perform and everybody started to stand up enjoying their great performance, I realized that my emergency camera that I brought along was no longer in my hand. I was nervously looking for it everywhere and couldn’t enjoy their performance and when it came to the end, I found the camera inside my pocket! Yes, again my pocket. Gosh. It was so frustrating that I only found it when the concert ended, without encore! Hey, bring them back here!

A blast of pyrotechnics and golden streamers took the show to its grand finale but fans waited around to watch their idols being shuttled off in vans.

The show may be over but my ears are still ringing with fans screaming saranghae! (We love you), bogoshipoyo! (We miss you!).
But overall, we enjoyed it so much and I finally able to released my work pressure after being scolded and cried in front of my boss! (I'll tell the rest later!) We then headed to Hayaki Restaurant at Danau to enjoy our heavy supper. Chicken chop at 12.30 a.m. Fat!
Article taken from The Star.

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