Thursday, 13 October 2011

Tiring day. Tiring work.

Seems like I cramped all my stories in a week and post it here in bundle. Heehe. Hi lovelies! How’s you day? Well, I’m not doing so well these days. I hate my job.

Nay, I don’t hate my job, but I hate this working place, and I hate my boss! He gives me headache over and over again. His mood tends to sway; if he feels like wanna joke around, he makes jokes and when he’s angry, then we're doomed!
In my case, he keeps on changing his mind and simply change the design; size of columns, beams, slab thickness etc which cause me to re-design all the things over again! (Engineering people might know what I’m talking about). Not a single or two beams, but all floors, whole building!

So this is what happened. Last Thursday when I brought my design which is following what I learned in uni and showed it to him, he started to raise his voice and said that is not the way he wanted.

I accepted that. So I brought my work home since he needed it on the next day (Friday). I stayed up till 2a.m. to finish it. And I did. The only thing left was I have to key-in all the design into MS-software which only available at the office.

So on the next day (Friday, D-Day) I drivethrough-ed (well if this word exists hahaa) McD meal in the morning since I know I will not be able to finish it up if I leave my work for lunch, not even a minute. So I stayed and had my lunch at the office, and at the same time hardly do my work. However, at 4p.m., boss asked me to see him.

Dup dap dup dap! I can hear my heart was beating fast, and seemed like he was planning to find my mistake again. And I was right. He never satisfied. I tried my best to be patient, and control my mixing emotions. But when he continuously scolded me that day, I felt annoyed and pissed off. Everything came up in my mind. “ I stayed up till 2a.m. to finish up this thing, I’m tired.” “I had lunch at the office because of this.” “In another few days I’ll become a permanent staff, I can’t give up my job now.”
Plus, mood swings caused by PMS.

Until the moment when couldn’t take it anymore, I was thinking about quitting. The moment I was thinking about it, it brought me to tears. Yes, I cried. In front of my boss. And I couldn’t stop! When he saw me crying, then only he looked nervous, lowered down his voice and cool down.
*tau pun cuak!*

We then continued discussing about it calmly and when the same issue been raised up, it brought me to tears, again. Sensitive me I know! So after 3 hours standing up (no chairs in his room), discussing, I can only went back home at 7.30p.m., an hour late. Once again I brought my work home and finish it up during weekend.

Oh only on Sunday, since I went release my tension, screamed till my heart burst out at the Korean Music Wave concert on Saturday. And now I feel so relief that my work is done!
Dear boss, IF you read this, stop pressuring and torturing us like that. Don’t you realize that everybody hates to work with you?

P.s. But I still thinking of quitting from this company. Forreal. Well, my sister once said "If you're not happy with it, why do you want to force yourself to be happy?"

P.s.p.s Alhamdulillah I got 2 interviews this week. Hope everything will go smoothly. Amin.

With love,

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