Friday, 8 July 2011

Cousin's wedding, Farrouk.

Occasion: Farrouk's wedding reception
Venue: Restoran Nelayan Titiwangsa
Date: July 2, 2011
Color theme: Men in black and ladies in red

Congratulations on your wedding, Farrouk and wife Syasya! The wedding reception attended by 500 invited guests took place at Restoran Nelayan Titiwangsa on July 2, 2011.

The ceremony started at 8p.m. with the arrival of Uncle Zamani and Cik Nor as parents of the bridegroom, followed by the newlyweds and several flowergirls. The entourage include an awesome band of bagpipe leaded by cousin Asyie, and the whole ceremony was hosted by our ex-TV3's anchor cousin, Kak Eli.
To Have, to Hold, to Love, from this day forward, Congratulations!

With love,


Anonymous said...

hai..i just blogwalking to find out about wedding at nelayan..nak tanya okey ke food n services kat nelayan tym wedding ni..actually sy tgh survey venue for my wedding next year..n nelayan just caught my attention..cume tk wat final decision lagi sbb tk ada sape2 yang penah experience g wedding kt cni..if pegi steamboat tu biase je la if u dont mind mebbe blh share lbh detail bout this place..u can write to me at hope that ur info will help me to find the right place..thank u so much :))

AYApunyaCINTA said...

Hi! thank you for reading my post. i don't know if this is helping or not.. but i'll try. These are from what happened that day.

The place was beautiful, with air-cond. The food served was ok my mum cakap. I'm not really sure about the taste since I was so busy melayan tetamu I didn't get a chance to try it out :( Oh btw, the restaurant ade buat special presentation during makan beradap (you can see the photo the staffs bawak obor, that one) so it was kinda nice la.. lain dari biasa :)

The cons, during my cousin's wed we booked for 500 guests, but guest yang datang sure more than that, so some of them tak cukup meja and makanan, too bad the guests yang terlebih tu kene makan seafood instead of nasi minyak! so for that you should be more careful.

The other things macam design and setting remeh2 we made it ourselves.

So thats all. If you have anything feel free to ask ;)