Saturday, 11 June 2011

U-KISS 'Brand New Kiss' Album Showcase in Malaysia.

U-Kiss 'Brand New Kiss' Album Showcase 2011

When: 10 June 2011
Where: Pavilion Entrance

Three weeks in row. From Super Junior-M to Jang Geun Seok, and this week, U-KISS' turn. U-KISS in Malaysia y'all! As a kpop fan I feel delightful with this very pleasant eye-candies line up, took this chance to meet them, for free! Yes there were a few packages to meet and lunch with them, but I choose not to, since.. I'm officially broke! Afterall, what I really want is to see their live performance, and I did!

They started the 2-hour showcase with greetings, then lucky fans were chosen to get on stage and dance. The best dancer got special gifts and hug hug hug! Then we celebrated AJ and Dongho's birthday and sang both English and Korean version of 'Happy Birthday'.
They then performed their popular songs, started with Bingeul Bingeul, Shut Up, 0330 and ended it with my all time favourite Man Man Ha Ni.
For the next half an hour, fans who purchase their album can get on stage, get poster and shake hands with the members!
At the end of the showcase, they were all sweat, but still looking freaking hot! Since I was so near next to the stage, I was able to see them dancing and playing around behind. When Eli drank mineral water and threw the bottle, I almost got that but fans started to push and I can only pegang my tudung, sebab nak tercabut! hahaa

As usual, my camera went out of battery at the very important moment *Pandai nervous jgk camera ni*. They were all waving and smiling and fanservice-ing right in front of us, but I was not able to take any photo of it! Such a waste. Not just that, the camera was getting worse and was vibrating like hell! I just can't wait to get a new camera for the sake of my fangirling hobby!

After they went backstage, I got great instinct to stick there for a while. Until one abang brought a bundle of poster and distributed it. When that abang about to give me the poster, someone at my back simply snatched it! Damn. Then I waited and like "Abang, saya nak poster.. saya nak poster please" and that abang said "sorry la dik, tu last dik. Dah abis dah"

I was so disappointed and while waiting, I got to tasted AJ and Dongho's birthday cake! And I randomly said, "Oh my, I taste ELI flavour!" coughsuchafanofELIcough I then went backstage if I can get any poster. Then I saw another abang was holding the poster, planned to bring it back home. Then I once again, buat muka kesian "Abang, nak poster tu bang.."

Then that
abang actually walked back to me and passed the poster! Everybody next to me was like "waaaaaaaa I want I want". Then I left the place with a loud "terima kasih, abang!" and a big smile on my face!
P.s. when I asked Alya "Alya, Alya suke oppa yang mane? Aunty Yan suke oppa nie. *pointing at ELI*" she then "Alya suke ni." pointed at Kiseop! good choice, Alya!

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Nurul Akmaniza said...

I was there too...!!
They are so hot right??
Check this out too,

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Hi Akma, visited yours too! seems like we were on the same spot on that day.

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Anonymous said...

Check out this blog;
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thanks for the link! i enjoyed reading it. its not your blog isn't it? kidding ;)