Sunday, 5 June 2011

Jang Geun Seok's The CRI Show in Malaysia.

What: The CRI Show Tour in Malaysia

When: 4th June 2011
Where: Convention Centre KLCC
Who: Jang Geun Seok!

A SUPER WOW show by Jang Geun Seok! Seriously. The first thing in my mind when I woke up this morning was him and his f**king awesome performances last night! And I keep on humming his songs until now! Homaigod! I can't even describe it in words how awesome it was, but I think it is the best event I went this year! I screamed out of my lungs and enjoyed it too much until the ahjumma next to me was clapping and laughed at me. hahaa 

 I arrived at the venue around 3p.m. As soon as I saw his poster, I went crazy, got goosebumps and giggled alone. *such a fangirl* You can't even imagine how excited I was. He is one of my list that I really want to meet in person and I'm willing to pay at any cost just to meet him, and I did! I went straight to get the ticket, JGS's poster and bookmarks! I met Bear and her friends as promised, and we took pictures before enter the hall. We entered the hall at 6p.m. and yayy! I got pretty nice seat since it was quite near to the stage. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take photos during show. Damn.
 the ticket! yikes!
i da cakap tak nak amek gambar kontroversi macam ni, tapi JGS jugak insist nak amik. hehee
We waited so excitedly while they played few clips from his CFs and MVs until 7.30p.m., JGS came out for his first part of performance by performing his new Japanese single, 'Let Me Cry'! Everyone went crazy and fans started to moved in front to get great view, including me. I moved two lines in front, clear enough to see him, with help of my binocular I bought in US last few weeks ago hehee. Luckily I did study his songs 2 days ago, including from his new album. So I was able to sing along with him!
I at first ignored the warn about not to take photos until one of the organizer team came to me and asked to turn off my camera. whatever. So I only managed to take the first part of his performance, and enjoyed the rest and captured it with my eyes.

He then been interviewed by the MC and guess what, he can actually speak English! Well, not much, but still enough to communicate with us. I know he stayed in New Zealand during his studies for a few years, but I didn't expect much since I thought it just a story they brought up, until he spoke with slang! He then sang his another sweet song, Oh My Darling!

Second part, he played his famous roles in his dramas. He first came out as a very charismatic 'Kang Mu Gyul' in 'Mary Stayed Out All Night'. He sang 부탁해, My Bus! and Hello Hello from the OST of the drama. Later he came out as the professional yet dorky 'Hwang Tae Kyung' in 'You're Beautiful', the most anticipated role by his fans! Everyone was like shouting "Hyung-nim!" He held a lucky draw and 3 lucky fans who can answer the question can get on stage to receive gift from him, and hug! He then sang Still from the drama.

The third part was and introduction of his new project with Brave Brothers, Lounge H! Lounge H includes DJ-ing, dance music and clubbing. And guess what, we danced with JGS for about 45 minutes nonstop! Everybody went crazy, dancing and clubbing like nobody cares! Fyuhh! Brave Brothers started the word 'f**king awesome' followed by JGS and hell yeah, it was F**KING AWESOME!
For the last part, the spotlight was focused on him and he talked to his fans from heart to heart. He felt like it was his first show in Japan, everybody was being supportive and awesome. He thanked us and wiped his tears before he sang My Precious for his Eels. We sang along together and that was it. He went backstage until Eels started to shout 'Encore! Encore! Encore!' He then came out wore 'I<3Fan' tee, and sang Promise! This last song he sang was for his Eels as a promise to come again to Malaysia. Well, my promise, I'll get the VVIP seat next time!
Finally able to take photo with his ballons. jadi lar tu kan :p
Pillow neck I bought for him with hope that he can use it on plane.. well, if he get it.

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