Monday, 27 June 2011

I minat Jep Sepah. ok shut up!

Well. well. well. This is the truth! I never watched Raja Lawak, so I didn't know who is who.. When I watched Maharaja Lawak and fell to it, at the same time I had my eyes on this funny guy with his very selenge facial expression when he joked around. I denied it hardly at first since he looks like someone who I don't like. Plus, you know, I'm such a korean freak, my korean taste is way up to standard and.. he is.. definitely hmm.. not it.I denied it by saying "I takkan minat dia.." to myself, since the episode when he acted as a prisoner with big scar on his face. Then when I watched him playing guitar in one of the episode, I reminded myself with "Jangan minat dia.. takkan minat." all the time although I love guys who can play guitar!

Remember the old folks said 'Jangan benci orang itu, nanti lama-lama suka..' There's the truth behind it. Padan muka I :p The episode when he pretended to be Mak Bidan, I couldn't deny it any longer. He looked so damn cute, with his dimples. And of course Ustazah Baiah role is the cutest ever! I controlled myself not to blog about this even after they were crowned as Juara Maharaja Lawak last few days ago. "I'm not going to write about this.. I'm not going to write about this.."

But seems like I couldn't control my hands typing about this anymore, revealing the secret of mine. This is so embarrassing *face palm*. Not gonna talk about this anymore. But, I salute him for being able to make me like him, forget oppas for a while, searched for his facebook fanpage, and 'like'd it.. and hoping for his respond :p

P.s. "Kurma ini memang manis~ sayangnya perangai kamu tak berapa maniss"

With love,

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