Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Victoria's Secret has arrived.

yeay finally my sis brought back VS make-up kit I ordered from USA!

Jangan jealous ok ;p

Well, since I'm getting matured *not old please*, putting some make-up on my face is not weird, right? Mom was like "ni kene bangun pukul 5pagi nak bersiap gi keje ni.." LOL mother, your daughter is an engineer-to-be, not a model. hehee

With love,

Monday, 27 June 2011

I minat Jep Sepah. ok shut up!

Well. well. well. This is the truth! I never watched Raja Lawak, so I didn't know who is who.. When I watched Maharaja Lawak and fell to it, at the same time I had my eyes on this funny guy with his very selenge facial expression when he joked around. I denied it hardly at first since he looks like someone who I don't like. Plus, you know, I'm such a korean freak, my korean taste is way up to standard and.. he is.. definitely hmm.. not it.I denied it by saying "I takkan minat dia.." to myself, since the episode when he acted as a prisoner with big scar on his face. Then when I watched him playing guitar in one of the episode, I reminded myself with "Jangan minat dia.. takkan minat." all the time although I love guys who can play guitar!

Remember the old folks said 'Jangan benci orang itu, nanti lama-lama suka..' There's the truth behind it. Padan muka I :p The episode when he pretended to be Mak Bidan, I couldn't deny it any longer. He looked so damn cute, with his dimples. And of course Ustazah Baiah role is the cutest ever! I controlled myself not to blog about this even after they were crowned as Juara Maharaja Lawak last few days ago. "I'm not going to write about this.. I'm not going to write about this.."

But seems like I couldn't control my hands typing about this anymore, revealing the secret of mine. This is so embarrassing *face palm*. Not gonna talk about this anymore. But, I salute him for being able to make me like him, forget oppas for a while, searched for his facebook fanpage, and 'like'd it.. and hoping for his respond :p

P.s. "Kurma ini memang manis~ sayangnya perangai kamu tak berapa maniss"

With love,

Thursday, 23 June 2011

The falling me part 2, goodbye sorrow.

This entry continues from 'The falling me.'

Dear diary,

If you can hear me right now, you probably gonna turn deaf. I am seriously screaming out of chest now. My heart's going to burst at any minute. And my brain feels the burden.

I finally got a job. Oh, not 1, but 2. After I rejected Company A and choose company B instead, I’ve waited for company B to gives me offer letter. They took it so long til I decided to give up. Yes, give up. Not only with this company, but the whole thing. Anything so called Engineering. It's a really tough decision. I'm too tired of waiting. I'm tired of giving excuses on why I'm still not working. Family, friends, relatives.. they asked frequently. My heart hurts, my brain dries, my money flew away.

Although my mouth can say I want to give up to become an engineer, but deep inside my heart, I know I lie. Although I can smile and said, I don’t want myself to get involve in this field any longer, but I can feel the pressure, depression strikes me every night.

Alhamdulillah, today I’ve been called for an interview with company C. And I feel glad that they asked me to start working on July 1st. I went back home, reported the good news to my mom. Finally this daughter not gonna ask for money :p Less than an hour after I reached home, I got a phone call. It was the director from company B. He asked me to report duty this Monday. I didn’t know what to say. I only said ‘OK’.

You see. When you want something, even though its not something belongs to you, you will never get it. But when you decided to let it go, it will come to you, naturally. I even cried, not because I was sad, or too happy til I couldn’t control my tears, but because I was so mad. I almost gave up on my dreams, for God sake! That’s why I’m mad.

All I need to do now is, I have to think deeply, ask Allah to open my heart, to see which one is the best for my future. I’m not gonna make the same mistake twice. However, I feel very grateful with everything He gives me. Thank you Allah.

"Boleh jadi kamu membenci sesuatu padahal ia amat baik bagimu, dan boleh jadi pula kamu menyukai sesuatu, padahal ia amat buruk bagimu, Allah mengetahui sedang kamu tidak mengetahui." -surah Al-Baqarah ayat 216

"Allah tidak membebani seseorang itu melainkan sesuai dengan kesanggupannya." -Surah Al-Baqarah ayat 286

With love,

M&D-뭘봐(Close Ur Mouth) with lyrics.

O-M-G! Finally the MV for Heechul and Jungmo's project is out! This is way too good to be true! Midnight & Dawn or M&D is a project by these two BBies, and something that I've been waiting for so longggggggggggg. The Chocoball buddies (AB blood type) are totally awesome! How I wish I have an AB blood type..

Heechul "Thanks to the hot tempered director, the MV shooting was done in only 10 minutes ㅋㅋ Jungmo was a bit late, so we're going without waiting for him. He's a man who's not waiting." And the hot tempered director is actually, himself :p

1. Being able to see Heechul's face the whole MV is totally GREAT!
2. Jungmo plays 3 music instruments, AWESOMEEEEEE!
3. Chocoballs involvement in this MV is totally SWEET. and FUNNY! hahaa
4. I'm jealous with Jia, the only girl in the MV... fufufufuu
5. GREAT SONG, GREAT VOICE, GREAT MUSIC ARRANGEMENT. i can't stop listening to it!

Rock genre, something that he wanted to do since long time ago. I'm too happy to see this side of Kim Heechul. Hope to see more of this in future. Hwaiting BB!

* * * *



just wait 좀 가만있어 봐
별로 충격적인 얘긴 아니야 웃어
사랑해서 떠난단 그 말은 재미없잖아

(ok 좋았어) dance를 춰줄까
(ok 알겠어) rap으로 뱉을까
(ok good choice girl) rock으로 해줄까?
내가 알아서 get off get off get off

(뭘봐) 나를 찾는 여자는 많아
(뭘봐) 너를 쫓는 남자는 없지
(뭘봐) 이게 나와 너의 차이잖아
그래도 가? that’s great! (oh) bye bye bye

just wait 날 잡을 순 없지
뺨을 때리려고 해도 닿지 않을걸
손 내리고 울지 말고 그냥 비켜주면 돼

(ok 좋았어) dance를 춰줄까
(ok 알겠어) rap으로 뱉을까
(ok good choice girl) rock으로 해줄까?
내가 알아서 get off get off

(뭘봐) 나를 찾는 여자는 많아
(뭘봐) 너를 쫓는 남자는 없지
(뭘봐) 이게 나와 너의 차이잖아
그래도 가? that’s great! (oh) bye bye bye

(ok 좋았어) dance를 춰줄까
(ok 알겠어) rap으로 뱉을까
(ok good choice girl) rock으로 해줄까?
내가 알아서 get off get off get off

(뭘봐) 너랑 만날 시간은 없어
(뭘봐) 그 시간엔 다른 여자들
(뭘봐) 나쁜 남자라 욕하든 뭐라 해도 난
that’s great! (oh) bye bye bye

(뭘봐) 나를 찾는 여자는 많아
(뭘봐) 너를 쫓는 남자는 없지
(뭘봐) 이게 나와 너의 차이잖아
그래도 가? that’s great! (oh) bye bye bye
you got it? close ur mouth get off yeah


Just Wait, jom gaman isseobwa
byeollo chunggyeok jeogin yaegin aniya useo
saranghae seo tteonan dan geu mareun jaemi eobt janha

(OK johasseo) Dance reul chwo julkka
(OK algesseo) Rap euro baeteul kka
(OK Good Choice Girl) Rock euro hae julkka?
naega araseo Get Off Get Off Get Off

(mwolbwa) nareul chatneun yeoja neun manha
(mwolbwa) neoreul jjotneun namja neun eobtji
(mwolbwa) ige nawa neoye cha i janha
geuraedo ga? That’s Great! (Oh) Bye Bye Bye

Just Wait, nal jabeul sun eobtji
bbyameul ttaeri ryeogo haedo dahji anheul geol
son naerigo ulji malgo geunyang bikyeo jumyeon dwae

(OK johasseo) Dance reul chwo julkka
(OK algesseo) Rap euro baeteul kka
(OK Good Choice Girl) Rock euro hae julkka?
naega araseo Get Off Get Off Get Off

(mwolbwa) nareul chatneun yeoja neun manha
(mwolbwa) neoreul jjotneun namja neun eobtji
(mwolbwa) ige nawa neoye cha i janha
geuraedo ga? That’s Great! (Oh) Bye Bye Bye

(OK johasseo) Dance reul chwo julkka
(OK algesseo) Rap euro baeteul kka

(OK Good Choice Girl) Rock euro hae julkka?
naega araseo Get Off Get Off Get Off

(mwolbwa) neoyang malnal shiganeun eobseo
(mwolbwa) geu shiganen dareun yeoja deul
(mwolbwa) nappeun namjara yokhadeun mwora haedo nan
That’s Great! (Oh) Bye Bye Bye

(mwolbwa) nareul chatneun yeoja neun manha
(mwolbwa) neoreul jjotneun namja neun eobtji
(mwolbwa) ige nawa neoye cha i janha
geuraedo ga? That’s Great! (Oh) Bye Bye Bye

You Got It? Close ur Mouth, Get Off Yeah

English translations

Just wait, Stay Still. It’s not really shocking news. Smile
Saying that you’re leaving because you love me isn’t really fun.
(OK fine) Should I dance?
(OK Got it) Should I rap?
(OK Good Choice Girl) Should it be Rock?
By myself, get off get off get off

(What are you looking at) There are plenty of girls who are looking for me
(What are you looking at) There are no men chasing you
(What are you looking at) That’s the difference between me and you
Still go? That’s great (oh) Bye Bye Bye

Just Wait, you can’t hold me down. You wouldn’t be able to reach me even if you wanted to slap me.
Put your hand down, don’t cry and just move to the side
(OK fine) Should I dance?
(OK Got it) Should I rap?
(OK Good Choice Girl) Should it be Rock?
By myself, get off get off get off

(What are you looking at) There are plenty of girls who are looking for me
(What are you looking at) There are no men chasing you
(What are you looking at) That’s the difference between me and you
Still go? That’s great (oh) Bye Bye Bye

(OK fine) Should I dance?
(OK got it) Should I rap?
(OK Good Choice Girl)
Should it be Rock?
By myself, get off get off get off

(What are you looking at) I don’t have time to meet with you
(What are you looking at) During that time, with other girls
(What are you looking at) Even if you say that I’m a bad boy, I
That’s Great! (Oh) Bye Bye Bye

(What are you looking at) There are plenty of girls who are looking for me
(What are you looking at) There are no men chasing you
(What are you looking at) That’s the difference between me and you

Still, you want me to go?
That’s great! (Oh) Bye Bye Bye
You got it?
Close your mouth, get off yeah


With love,

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Ultraman's Family, and a funny interview.

Ok this is a very random post. I watched Ultraman movie on CERIA this evening, thanks to my niece Alya. Ultraman used to be my favourite hero when I was young. I used to buy the cds, and sometimes borrowed it. Watching Ultraman titled 'Mega Monster Battle Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie' brings back memories, and suddenly make me curious.

I was so surprised with the fact that there are actually zillion of Ultras stayed at The Land of Light (Nebula M78), ruled by Ultraman King. And the most fascinating thing is, they're somehow related, as family! like Ultra Zero is actually Ultraman Seven's son. Homaigosh. I was like, "Ultraseven's son? Who's the mother? How one is born? Do they.... hmm." well, you know.. :p

Then I remember that I used to have a set of toys with different kinds of Ultraman, and now I wonder, who is who? Don't you curious about it? Or is it just me? hmm.. so I did some research, and here is the result.

The Top 10 Appearing - Crosscover From Ultraman Main Series 1967-2009

His father is an old friend of the Father of Ultra, died in battle. Mother, unknown; deceased. Ultraman King is rumored to be Zoffy's grandfather.Ultraman Seven (left)
Father of Ultraman Zero. maternal nephew of Father of Ultra.
Ultraman (left)
the original Ultraman back in year 1960s.
Ultraman Jack
Father of Ultra (real name: Ken)
Husband of Mari. maternal uncle-in-law of Ultra Seven. granduncle of Seven's son, Ultraman Zero. father of Ultraman Taro. adoptive father of Ultraman Ace. old friend of Zoffy's father, who was killed in action.
Mother of Ultra (real name: Mari)
Wife of Ken. younger sister of Ultra Seven's late mother. maternal aunt of Seven himself. grandaunt of Seven's son, Ultraman Zero. adoptive mother of Ultraman Ace. mother of Ultraman Taro.Ultraman Ace
Adoptive son on Father of Ultra and Mother of Ultra.Astra (behind)
Ultraman Taro (left)
Son of Father of Ultra and Mother of Ultra.Ultraman King! (right)
the ruler of The Land of Light or Nebula M78.
Ultraman Leo (front, right)
Ultraman 80

And they are called as Ultra Brothers.

From left: Zoffy, Ultraman 80, Ultraman, Ultraman Taro, Father of Ultra, Mother of Ultra, Ultraman Jack, Ultraman Seven, Ultraman Leo, Ultraman Ace.
And this is their family photo. and monsters.
And don't you curious about the Ultraman Seven's son, Ultraman Zero looks like?


Jeng jeng jengg! Awesome, huh? I bet you guys never see him before! hehee I wonder who's the mother.. don't tell me he's actually illegal! yikes.

Khas untuk peminat ultraman by rose_natasya

Recently I met up with my idol Ultraman in Tokyo, Japan, the city he has saved many times over from evil, destructive monsters. We met at an intersection downtown, bought drinks from a vending machine and sat on the kerb for this interview.

Me: Konichiwa, Ultraman-san!
Ultraman: Apa khabar, Visiteur-san!

Me: Wow! Ultraman reti cakap bahasa?
Ultraman: Mesti lah, beb! Gua ada ramai peminat di seluruh dunia. Gua kena lah belajar macam-macam bahasa.

Me: Cool! So, what you've been up to, dude?
Ultraman: A bit tired. Fought a monster last night in Fukushima prefecture. We fought until we reached the seaside in Hamadori. A lot of people died.

Me: The monster killed so many?
Ultraman: Actually, gua terjatuh and terhimpit diorang.

Me: Er, I see.
Banyak lagi ke monster kat dunia ni?
Ultraman: Ada lah. Tapi diorang dah malas nak lawan. Dah ada agent and publicist. Merchandising rights. Suma lawan nak dapat market share je.
Boring lah, beb!

Me: I see. So camne brader-brader lu? Ultraman Tiga, Ultraman Taro .. ?
Ultraman: They all OK. Tiga dah bersara. Sekarang dia bukak restoran sushi kat Shinjuku. Bini dia baru beranak.

Me: Wow!
Ultraman: Yeah. Bini dia makhluk Bumi. So at first, family gua bantah, sebab we all boleh kahwin ngan orang Planet Ultra je. But thank the Ultra-Gods, my father, Ultraman yang bertanduk tu, finally gave his blessings. Cucu dia tu bertanduk jugak, so happy lah dia.

Me: What about Taro?
Ultraman: Taro tengah buat multi-level marketing jual ubat untuk kuatkan tenaga batin.

Me: Eh, naper Ultraman suma tak nak jadi superhero lagi?
Ultraman: Tu lah. Nowadays terlalu ramai superhero. Gaban lah, Power Ranger lah, ni lah, tu la. Yang paling teruk si Baja Hitam tu lah. Lawan cam pondan tapi marketing power dia kuat. Sebab tu boleh jadi popular. I always say, never trust superhero yang bawak motosikal, superhero yang pakai topeng pelik-pelik. We all Ultramen don't need all that cosmetic *shoot*.

Me: Wow, marahnya Ultraman.
Ultraman: Siapa tak marah? Bagero! Superhero ciplak ni suma tak original lah. And they all no integrity or morals. Last week, I dengar Gaban kena tangkap ngan gadis bawah umur.
You see?

Me: Man, that is sad.
Ultraman: Tu lah. That's why kalau tak Ultra, memang tak world lah.

Me: Wuhu! Lu peminat Mawi ke?
Ultraman: Adalah sikit-sikit.

Me: So, Ultraman, what's your future plan? You going to give up being a superhero too?
Ultraman: No way. I love my job too much. But my girlfriend complains that I work such long hours. And when I come home at night, I'm always tired and my chest light is always beeping.

Me: Woooo! Sounds like you might need some of that ubat from your brader Taro.
Ultraman: Good idea! I better give him a call tonight.

At this point, Ultraman receives a distress call from Yokohama, where a monster is attacking the train station. So off he went, into the blue yonder, to fight yet another worthy adversary.
World! :p

With love,

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

In the 3rd century BC, Quintus Ennius wrote: 'Amicu certus in re incerta cernitur'. This translates from the Latin as 'A sure friend is known when in difficulty'.

I really had a great time with Mawarni, my best friend since high school just now. Gossiping with BFF really is the best medicine. Thank you for lending me your ears, Mawarni. Hopefully we can meet up again pretty soon! InsyaAllah.

With love,

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The falling me.

I'm not sure if writing down something personal here is the right decision, since I have no other place to spill it out. I do feel like I don't have any privacy now. People is reading here, and on twitter. I should blame myself then.

To be honest, I am proud that I did well during my studies in university. I wasn't a good student back then. I was once a matriculation college student, but a very bad one. I passed matriculation exam but not good enough to allow me to further my degree studies. So, I decided to take it slowly, and took diploma. I was determined to make my parents proud when I got a very first Dean List for the first semester. And my uncle especially, has always been there to assist. I will never forget his kindness. InsyaAllah.

I've been doing good up until degree studies, and I've graduated. It's been 6 months now. And I'm still jobless. I don't know what exactly is wrong with me, which part of me that incomplete and make them refuse to take me and work with them.

During the first 3 months, I was decided to further my Master studies overseas. I applied for the programme, scholarship and took IELTS exam. It turned up, the sponsor that I was rooting for never give me a call for interview, my programme application was rejected, and the IELTS exam result is no longer useful. So, I was thinking, maybe I should gain more experience before decide to choose my major.

So, for the next month, I started looking for a job. I've been to a few interviews, from engineering field to banking. I've been rejected and sometimes accepted, but not in field that I was looking for. So I decided to wait.

Since I had a plan to go to USA for holiday, I took it slowly. I got 3 interviews in a week before I took off to USA. 2 companies accepted me, and I was so happy that I can start working once I returned. Since I've decided to choose the company near to my house and offered me better pay, I rejected the other one. And it seems like it's not a right choice, since the company that I've been rooting for keep on postponing to give me offer letter. I gave them a call, messages but they only said "Wait for the offer letter." But when? I can't wait any longer.

I will give them a last call, tomorrow. And if they are still making excuses, I will just quit. I'm thinking of quitting this field. I once gave up to be a lecturer. At this moment, I feel like want to give up to be an engineer. I feel helpless. I'm tired of this. I'm tired of everything. Maybe this is just not my route, I don't know. So I call this entry as 'The falling me.'

“Tidak ada sesuatu musibah yang menimpa (seseorang), kecuali dengan izin Allah; dan barang siapa beriman kepada Allah, nescaya Allah akan memberi petunjuk kepada hatinya. Dan Allah Maha Mengetahui segala sesuatu”. – at-Tagabun : 11

“Dan janganlah kamu berasa lemah, dan jangan (pula) bersedih hati, sebab kamu paling tinggi (darjatnya), jika kamu orang yang beriman” – ali Imran : 139.

With love,

Saturday, 11 June 2011

If I can go to Korea..

Annyeong-hasaeyo peeps! So, my cousin Fifiey dropped a message on my blog asking for tips since she’s going to Korea on this coming September.
She actually asked to list out the stuffs that she should bring for a week trip, and things that she should bring back to Malaysia. I say 2PM ;p
Since I don’t even know when can I get a chance to visit Korea, unless my sponsor says yes coughAbangNancough I did some research on what place to visit, how to get there, since I planned to visit Seoul last year, but canceled it at the very last minute, burned my deposit money. Well, well, well, since Korea is quite my specialty, I’ve decided to share my trip plan I did last year.
This is all originally hand-written in my plan book, I make some effort and re-type it here to share it with you guys. I also provide those places with link for you to click and read through, get the map and further information. Happy reading, and dreaming! ;)

Capital : Seoul
Time Difference : 1 hour ahead of Malaysia
Currency : 1 Malaysian Ringgit = 359 Korean Won (as of 11 June 2011)
Weather : There is a wet monsoon season in the middle of the year and a dry, cold winter from November to March. During the winter, the average temperature is around -2C, and begins to warm up in March. The coldest month is January.
Weather from September to November is beautiful and sunny, with mild temperatures and little rain. The spring season, during April and May is also very pleasant, but more prone to rain than autumn. Temperatures will fall between 15-27C and 10-15C at night.
Summer is particularly hot, muggy and prone to typhoons. The warmest month of the year is August. Average temperature range is 25-28C.

Checklist of things to do and bring to Korea!
1. Check out the weather, in case warmer clothes are needed.
2. Check out the time difference to prevent major jet-lag.
3. Check out the travel distance from KL to Seoul. It's about 6 hours.
4. Check out if VISA is needed. VISA is only needed in Korea if you visit more than 3 months.
5. Money of course. Bring extra money in USD in case you need to use more. At some places, RM is not accepted.
6. Passport passport passport!
7. Minimal size of liquid bottle in hand luggage. Make sure less than 100mL.
8. Perfect itinerary of places that you want to visit.
9. Camera! and handphone!
10. Ipod, Iphone, Ipad, any gadget to entertain you on plane.
11. Laptop, Iphone or anything which can be used to access internet if you need to check hotel, weather or place to visit.
12. Charger of all the gadgets!
13. Get the public transportation info in case you're planning not to waste money on paying taxi fees.
14. Notebook and pen. in case you meet artists. hehee kidding. you sure will need it, trust me.

Public Transportation Info
SUBWAY. The subway is the most efficient and convenient way for foreign travelers to get around in Seoul. Station names, ticket counters and transfer signs are clearly marked in English as well as in Korean. The different subways lines are colour-coded and all trains have announcements in English and Korean.
BUS. Three types of buses cover routes connecting every corner of the city: the Ilban bus, Jwaseok bus and Maeul bus.
Operating hour: 4.30 a.m.-1 a.m., buses arrive at stops in 5-15 minute intervals

What To Buy In Korea?
Cloth and Clothing. It's a must buy if you visit Korea. There are a lot of fancy and nice clothes sell as you seen in Korean dramas. If you're a fan of cotton clothes, you can actually get it there!
Cosmetics. Etude House is a popular Korean brand and must have. BB Cream especially being used by artists to get flawless skins. Thats why they are all look pretty!
Handicrafts and Traditional Goods. Yes yes and yes!
Kpop Goods. You can actually buy it in bundle, and sell it in Malaysia! Malaysians kpop fans sure willing to pay at any cost.

Useful Halal Restaurant Information for Muslims
India Gate, Durga, Namaste, Pooja, Usmania, Taj Mahal etc. You can check more of the restaurants here.

Shopping and Entertainment
Myeong-dong is Korea’s trendiest shopping area selling clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories and cosmetics. Day or night, young people always crowd into the numerous restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, and night clubs in the area. Nice goods sell at lowest price, a must visit place!
To those who know, Insa-dong is between the modern architecture and the historic culture, on can find endless supplies of local food and traditional tea. Visitors to Korea always include Insa-dong in the shortest of itineraries. If you wanna visit ‘living museum of folk history’, this is the place.
Dongdaemun Market.
Some of the greatest bargains can be found in Dongdaemun Market, a large area packed with small shops and big malls. Popular items are fabrics, clothing, leather goods, women and children’s costumes, bedding, house ware, footwear and sporting goods.
Namdaemun Market.
The nation’s wholesale center and virtually anything you want can be found here: clothing, house ware, food, flowers, tools, wigs, glasses and accessories of every kind.
Apgujeong-dong Rodeo Street.
This area is often referred to as Korea’s Rodeo Street, with glittering businesses ranging from expensive designer stores to unique vintage clothing shops. The young and fashionable gather here, and you can enjoy the simple pleasure of people-watching. Korean celebrities are seen frequently in Apgujeong-dong as well. A great spot for Kpop fans! Who knows you might spot 2PM members walking around.. yikes!
Coex Mall.
Coex Mall caters to overseas visitors and Korean nationals who seek a little of everything. The aquarium, the Kimchi Museum, the convention halls, the exhibitions, the shopping mall, the food court and the largest Megabox theather in Asia make the center a hotspot for general entertainment.

Lotte World.
Lotte World consists of a large indoor theme park, an outdoor amusement park, an island linked by monorail, shopping malls, a hotel, a Korean folk museum, sports facilities and movie theatres in one area. The Lotte World indoor theme part is one of the largest indoor amusement parks in the world. If you watch Stairway to Heaven, you will simply recognize this place.
Han River Cruise.
Originating on two mountains, one in South Korea and the other in the North, the Hangang. Best scenery during night!
Gyeongbokgung Palace.
Originally constructed in1395 under the reign of King Taejo, Gyeongbokgung offers a different experience for different people. Also called Northern Palace because of its location.
Changdeokgung Palace.
Changdeokgung is one of the “Five Grand Palaces” built by the kings of the Joseon Dynasty, also referred to as the East Palace.
N Seoul Tower.
Also known as Namsan Tower or Seoul Tower, is a communication and observation tower located in Namsan Mountain. Built in 1969, the tower has been a symbol of Seoul. And yes, come with your beloved one and lock your love here!

Coffee Prince Café *additional*
If you are a fan of Korean drama series The First Shop of Coffee Prince, this café is a must visit! It brings back memories of each scenery from the drama. I would love to visit here one day if I have that chance. If you’re planning to make me full of jealousy, this is the place y’all! How to get here? Here's the map.1. Take subway Line 2 to Hongik University station. It's marked in green on the map. 2. Go out through Exit 4. 3. Turn right at Seven Springs corner. Walk for around two blocks. 4. When you reach the end of the road, turn left. 5. Turn right on the first right turn you see. (Once you turn you will see a Family Mart to your left.) 6. Walk straight for about 500 meters, the street will go uphill midway. At the end of the road you will find the coffee shop on the right side. Keep your eyes peeled because the shop is surrounded by trees. Tips taken from here.
And for better tips, visit blogger Dieya. She went there. Envy her! hehee
To visit all these places, I think I might need more than 2 weeks to visit, plus Nami Island, an attraction from Korean drama Winter Sonata, and Jeju Island which I always love in Spring Waltz!

Useful Korean Phrases
These are simple greetings that you might need during your visit.
1.Good morning/ afternoon/ evening: Annyeong-haseyo
2. How do you do?: Cheo-eum boepgetseoyo
3. Nice to meet you: Mannaseo bangawoyo
4.Yes, there is: Yae, isseoyo
5.No, there isn’t: Aniyo, eopseoyo
6. Thank you: Kamsa-hamnida
7.You're welcome: Cheonmanaeyo
8.Excuse me: Sillyae-hamnida
9. I’m sorry: Mian-hamnida
10. Please help me: Dowa-jusaeyo
11.Goodbye: Annyeonghi-gasaeyo
Other basic things: uncle (ajusshi), aunty (ajuhmma) if you want to bargain with sellers.

Ok.. Fifiey, I want a hanbok if I win! Hehee ok kidding. That is way too expensive, but if you can buy it for me, that would be lovely! And yea, I really want you to bring back 2PM for me.. pleaseeeeeeee.
These are souvenirs from Korea that I want if I win this!
Korean Hanbok bookmark xdapat hanbok betul, bookmark bentuk hanbok pun ok.
Hand mirror!
And lastly, we want 1 fridge magnet to put it on our peti sejuk buruk ni. Tak malu request sendiri Hehee
So to my cousin Fifiey, have a nice trip in Korea! For all of us, lets save up a lot of money to make our dream comes true, yeayy!

With love,