Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Los Angeles.

Non-stop writing since yesterday, I have jet-lag this couple of days. Slept at 12pm, woke up at 8pm. Pretty hectic, aite? I don't even manage to settle up everything here since I live like an owl. job confirmation, graduation pictures.. I better do something tomorrow!

Ok, lets begin.. After 5 hours on plane from Chicago to LA, we finally arrived at LAX Airport and took shuttle bus to La Quinta Inn & Suites. It was a nice hotel, very near to the airport, near to McD and Subway, free shuttle bus (you have to catch blue bus on red line), breakfast is provided, and the most important thing is, Wi-Fi in the room.

I once tweeted this on twitter, "It is a nice hotel, but I don't see Koreans here.." Then a friend of mine replied, "For God sake, you're in US Aya, cari mat salleh lar hahha" LOL but err. err.. my eyes can only see single eyelid or oppa mata sepet! hehee ok, enough. After all, I totally recommend this hotel. Well, except for the expensive parking fees (20 bucks per day!).

The next day, we went to Hollywood which took about half an hour from the hotel. We parked the car nearby and walked to the center of attraction, Hollywood Walk of Fame! It was sunny on that day (about 17C), but we were able to take tonne of pictures before took off Hop-on Hop-off bus tour. We got on blue route before changed to yellow route which headed to Route 66. You guys can check the routes here and choose anywhere you want to visit. the Hollywood Walk of Fame!
I want Johnny Depp..!
Ohh here he is~! my handsome Jack Sparrow! tengah tunggu i ke? :p
Oh dear~!
Ariff who obsessed with Toy Stories, finally able to meet and took photo with Buzz in person!
We passed by Beverly Hills (90210, y'all!) and waited for the next bus on yellow route.
The place where GaGa started her career.
You see the yellow shop behind me? Bijan sells the most expensive designer good with USD$15,000 per item, minimum!
We took off at Santa Monica beach to see the real California beach looks like (tempat dimana Pamela Anderson berlari2 anak di pesisir pantai memakai suit merah menyelamatkan mereka yang lemas dalam Baywatch hehee). We had our seafood lunch nearby before got on the tour bus again, headed to Hollywood sign!
I insisted to upload this photo since I really love cheese. eps this doritos with cheese, mamma mia~!
We only managed to see Hollywood sign from the bus, since it was almost 6 p.m., and very cold! We took off the bus at the same stop we got on, in front of Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood on Hollywood Blvd, so we bought some souvenirs from HRC (again! I should buy a HRC Hollywood tee instead of HRC Chicago's. sigh) and other souvenirs shop. We then took more pictures before went back to our hotel and ate our vege pizza we bought at Numero Uno.
The Harry Potter's stars, Ariff and me!
We had heavy breakfast before took off to LAX Airport to catch flight to go back to Malaysia. Adik, KakLayla and her family continued their journey to Universal Studios, then they planned to go to San Diego after. Jealous, but it's ok. Since I only have 10 bucks left in my purse.. new Coach purse. tehee. And I'm sunburned.

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masshie mastura said...

muke dye sejibikla cm jack sparrow. hehe.

AYApunyaCINTA said...

hehee kan! comel je, nasib baik bukan. kalau x da lipat2 masuk poket da ehhe