Sunday, 29 May 2011

SUJU-M in Malaysia, words truly from heart of an ELF.

What : Hari Belia Negara 2011

When : 28 May 2011
Where : Presint 3, Putrajaya
Who : Super Junior-M (yikes!)

Before I start expressing my thought regarding the attitude of some local artists (big issue, seriously! scroll down to read), I want to wish Happy National Youth Day, youths! I was so excited to celebrate it, well since Malaysia specially invited Super Junior-M to celebrate it with us! An hour free concert of Super Junior-M in Malaysia y'all. Who doesn't want it?

Well, I heard they paid RM2.5M to invite them to perform.. Wow, quite a huge amount of money to achieve Himpunan Sejuta Belia. However, they get what they want, more than 2M Malaysians came to give support.. and I bet most of them are ELFs! hehee.

We arrived at 3 p.m., parked the car and walked from Presint 1 to Presint 3 (roughly about 2.5km!). As soon as we arrived, we went straight to the venue and get to sit in front of the stage. Luckily the guard let us in since I was wearing 'Super Junior' nametag and he said 'Hahh bagi dia masuk. Ni dia rombongan ketua kelab penyokong Super Junior' LOL The event started at 5 p.m. with our PM's arrival, speech and awards given to Belia Contoh 2011.

The concert started at 7.30 p.m. with local artists' performances e.g. Farah Asyikin, Dewi Mentor, Nadia AF2 and Azlan Typewriters.

After a longggggg wait, seriously long. I've even helped 2 people passed out next to me. And Suju-M finally showed up at 10 p.m with their new song, Perfection. They then sang individually and I started to feel sick and about to puke after 7 hours waiting. Felt like this an hour concert was too long.. sorry! But I did enjoy their performances, I was just tired.

They sang 4 group songs and 5 individual songs in total. They answered questions from chosen ELFs, and gave hugs!! Lucky girls. ELFs down the stage were like "Nooooo oppa~" "Andwae yooooo~". Thank god Heechul is not part of Suju-M! hehee

Two unforgettable moments when the host, Serena C teached Eunhyuk to say 'sayang' and he did. 'Sayangggg~' to fans. And he sounded so manja when he said it. Auwww~ And very funny Kyuhyun responded to a fan asked him 'Do you love Malaysian ELFs?' something like that and guess what, he said 'Pat taya tanya, tattaya tanya'. Well what he meant was 'tak payah tanya'. kekee comel. Sungmin with 'Sayang sayang Malaysia' which actually 'Saya sayang Malaysia'. They ended up the performance with encore song Super Girl, perfectly. 
 Since right after the concert, my tweetline is full with ELFs tweeting about local artists complained how bad they were treated (dianaktirikan) until now. How bad? I can only describe it in Malay since I don't wish to let people outside to see what happened between us.

Ok, isu ni bermula bila ade pemain gitar sorang ni, R yang juga buat persembahan malam tu. Dia complaint pasal tak dapat pakai toilet memandangkan organizer tak kasi guna, cakap toilet tu untuk Suju-M sepanjang mereka ada di situ. Si R ni katanya dah nak start perform, tapi nak pakai toilet kejap. Dia pun tweet lar kat twitter cakap buruk-buruk pasal artis korea itu ini.
  • Ramai nye makhluk tuhan!!mamat2,minah2 korea ni!mcm2 brg da kt dlm ni!arigatok!
  • Npe xde yg mcm muka pelakon2 korea kt tv tu?semua mcm.. Hhhhhh aaaaa mmmmm pppp eeee hhhhh......
  • Bodoh la!lebih2 kan artis korea!puk***********!!!smpai toilet pun x le guna!
  • teruknyee!ini negara sdiri la!npe kena halau,di tolak ke sana sini! hmmmm! x adil!
  • Nmpaknye ade org MALAYSIA x sedar diri!kat mana drg d lahir kan!maksud aku bukan nk kutuk kPop!mslhnye npe penganjur wt artis MALAYSIA cmni?
  • Itu da rezki drg..jgn nk ckp ktorg hampehla,sekurang2nye ktorg 1malaysia kenal,korang ade org kenal?setakat kutuk artis malaysia bole la
Kawan dia si A yang tak terkenal ni (atau i yang tak kenal) pun sibuk2 tweet jugak.
  • Bilik rehat yang tulis local artist room ni penuh ngan penari korea, apa kes?
  • Pastu koreans ni suma tengok muka tak puas hati... Lempang nak?
  • Ni apa kes? Nak kencing tapi tak boleh pakai toilet sebab tu toilet super junior... Aku nak kencing kat muka super junior boleh?
  • Skang kami malaysians dihalau pulang ke negara asal... Backstage semua milik kerajaan korea.. Tulah korang dok agung2kan artis luar sangat..
  • Gi mampos sama kau!! Kau tak tau kitorang kena layan camner toksah bising.. Aku pun pernah perform ngan org negara lain xde mcm suju kau tu
  • Next time, kita datang rumah org, kita jgn bg tuan rumah pakai toilet, pastu kita halau tuan rumah tu keluar, ini pesan org muda2...
Itu antara yang bising-bising. yang paling tak tahan, ade host diva yang memang terkenal dengan kelaseran ini, AA, tapi tak terbabit langsung semalam, reply tweet 'HANJINGGGG' kat sorang2 ELF yang tweet kat die. Harsh. Dan beberape artis wanita yang tak berape nak popular juga turut sama mengherdik. Malas nak explain, sbb perempuan.
I did read some replies from hardcore fans. They did bash them harshly. I repeat, harshly. Come on, how old are you guys? 14? 15? You're at such a young age, bashing other people like that. Koreans do treat seniors/elders nicely. If you are head over heels for Korea/K-pop, why don't you learn their culture on how to respect others? If you continuously bashing other people like that, do you think Suju or other K-idols will like it? No. You repeatedly cursing them will only give bad impression to k-fans, k-idols, and k-phenomena. So, please think before you do anything. Stop bashing. Be cool. Lets do it for them, and for ourselves.

I heard a lot when our local artists these days complained and said, "Nak tengok sejauh mana musim K-pop ni bertahan". Well, listen here our several local artists. K-pop fever exists since more than a decade ago. It is just the fact that only now the medias in Malaysia started to realize and try to gather more attention by playing/showing shows/musics made in Korea. Miming issue? We know how to differentiate between singing live and miming. Why can't you? Learn about their music industry before you speak. They only do miming if they fall sick, very sick and they can't help it. And Autotune sound. You can't create that sound by your own. Why Malaysian government brought Suju-M to Malaysia for this event? Because they know fans will come to support regardless they are Malay, Chinese, or Indian. That's what they want. Do you feel threated? Then create a nice music for us to listen and enjoy. And yes, well mannered is important.
Another thing to clear about is, what's so good about them? Dear, let me tell you what is the difference between local artists and K-idols. K-idols were trained for years before their debut. Some of them were trained about 5-6 years before they can achieve what they are now. They are not a 'mee segera' phenomena. They sing, they dance, they learn how to talk in public and sell themselves. They learned hard. Do you think they enjoyed their training years? They were so young, barely can eat and do what they want. They cried a lot but they can do nothing. They went to school during daylights, then stayed at training room up until 4-5 in the morning. That's how they have fans supporting them endlessly, worldwide.

Yes, you can say whatever you want since it is your individual opinion, but hey, you are a public figure. Using harsh words not going to bring you anywhere. People are watching and judging you. Malaysians are judging on whats good whats not to follow and like. Instead of continuously talking bad about what kind of music we're listening to, why don't you try to listen and comment later on. Forget about how barely you can understand the different languages of their songs. I personally think that there are 2 things that we can enjoy despite our different races, languages, and religions. It is FOOD and MUSIC. These are universal. That's why we can enjoy it although we barely understand the meanings. As long as we listen with our heart, everything will be different.

These are what I thought. My opinions, as a K-popper.
1. I think R, A, and AA are at the wrong side for using bad words towards other people, u guys are public figure for god sake!
2. Fans should be positive and not bashing local artists with harsh words since we too need to support our local product.
3. Bad words from AA is stupid. only people with no brain will say it like that.
4. They don't even know how big Suju's name is, they simply talk bad about them. Lets forgive them.
5. The organizer is at the wrong side.
6. Organizer, local artists, fans are all wronged.
Some of these artists admitted their wrongdoing and feel sorry about what happened. We as human being are not always perfect. So, lets forgive and forget, and reflect. We are 1Malaysia afterall.

With love,


Anonymous said...

wise words.. i cannot agree more..
isu tak puas hati artis Malaysia tu patutnya ditujukan kepada organiser.. tak perlu diperbesar..

tapi i pun tahu yang ELFs are very protective.. so ramai yang rasa marah dengan situasi ni.. I pun sebenarnya geram dan marah jugak, but your words lebih sesuai dari lampiaskan amarah tak tentu hala, sudahnya kita pun akan jadi seperti mereka..

AYApunyaCINTA said...

yup exactly. tak paham kenapa nak kutuk orang sebegitu skali. walaupun ade pihak yang salah but still, diorg public figure. x famous pon ade jugak cecah ribu2 followers diorg..

and i agree, few ELFs guna kata2 kasar reply kat diorg, agak memalukan..

daylachan said...

why dont we just forgive and forget...kita kne jaga nama baik msia...kan?hehe salam singgah^^

AYApunyaCINTA said...

hye. thanks sbb singgah. hehee yup sure. 1malaysia! *tak pasal2*

Ridz-PearlSapphire said...

bagus ayat, kak Aya... sepatutnyer entry kak Aya ni dipaparkan dimana-mana artikel akhbar di Malaysia ni... kak Aya menegur dengan cara yang paling sopan....

saya mengaku saya salah seorang ELF Malaysia dan saya dapat tahu bahawa isu ni dah diketahui oleh ELF negara lain... rasa macam sedih sgt sbb takut mereka akan menyalahkan ELF Malaysia walaupun pada hakikatnya, ELF Malaysia cuba mempertahankan artis kesayangan mereka...

akhir kate, terima kasih atas nasihat kak Aya dalam entry kak Aya ni... saya dan juga kawan-kawan yang lain akan cuba menjadi seorang ELF dan rakyat Malaysia yg cool dalam mengatasi masalah 'Artis Bermulut Biadap' ni...

sekian, wassalam...

AYApunyaCINTA said...

Ridz, ishh tamau la sampai dipaparkan seluruh malaysia. segan lar hehee.

tu lar, fanatik2 kte pun atleast kne la jaga adab. org xbiasa dgn kpop ni baca pun mesti akan melenting kenapa fanatik sangat smpai sanggup guna bhasa kasar untuk jatuhkan org.

apepun, lets be a cool ELF to be proud of ;) thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

Very good articles.. yup.. i totally agree with you.. So right now, its either elf and artist, both have to stop bashing each others.. and furthermore the local artist should direct their complaint to rightful authorities..

Dian Hafini Yusoff said...

very true, i couldn't agree more. elf shouldn't bashing other people with nasty words, we will put ourselves in the same position as theirs.

Liyana Jaafar said...

i second what you said. couldn't have agreed more! a veryyyy well-written post!

Dkopsunintended@A.I.N said...

hey, the best review regarding the issue!~ I like it n thanks~

AYApunyaCINTA said...

thank you Anonymous, Dian, Liyana and Ain for dropping by, read it through and like it.

i sincerely wrote this based on what i thought and i think most of us do think the same way as i am, no matter we are ELF, hottest, VIP, etc. i really want to make it crystal clear for everyone outside (non-kpoppers) to understand.

thanks again!