Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Illinois. A graduation day, but not mine.

Hye peeps! You did read my previous entries right? I've mentioned about me not attending my own graduation ceremony and blablabla.. Yes, indeed. Instead of attending my graduation, I attended my sister's.

These two kiddos, my niece and nephew. Their British accent really woww-ed me!

It was raining with cold weather the whole day. We were freezing, walking around the streets and took pictures. The ceremony took place at her Mathematics faculty hall, with roughly 150+ students, she is one of the highest distinction and Magna cum Laude award receiver. Oh my baby sister, graduated with super excellent result!
Seeing her received the award and enjoyed the moment with family and friends really made me feel.. ouch, touchy. The ceremony took less than 3 hours to end, less formal compared to ours. Unlike ours, photo taking is allowed. The dean even joked around and the guests can talk and shout, call out the name of their favourites.

mom, caught in action! hehee

The next day was sunny, but still very cold, so we went to the U of I again, took pictures and returned the robe before we went back to Chicago.

Seeing my sis and her Mr. boyfie really make me feel major auww.. I should get a boyfriend! Mamak, order boyfriend lebih manis satu!
Before I stop here, I want to wish happy graduation day to all UiTM graduates, especially my Civilian friends. Enjoy every moment of it!

P.s. I'll update with my trip to Chicago later. I bought a lot of things, and I am very satisfied with it. I'll show you later. Need to sleep early to catch flight to LA tomorrow morning. Bye~!

With love,

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